Friday, June 21, 2019

Connecting Canal Blvd and Madison Avenue

2019-06-21 Canal Blvd and Madison AveA number of residents have expressed concern that Canal Blvd will be extended to 6800 W via Madison Avenue once the Reinhart property is developed (see picture above). Below is a copy of an email I sent to the residents who emailed on this issue on Thursday June 20th. Note, I did fix spelling and grammar error that to my chagrin were in the email and made a couple of changes to improve clarity.

*** Update 6 July 2019 ***

At the end off the post I’ve listed a number of misconceptions that I’ve heard or read relative to this issue.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Traffic Count and Speed Analysis for Canal Blvd at 5700 West

2019-06 Canal Blvd and 5700

We collected traffic data and speed information on Canal Blvd from May 28th through Jun 11th 2019. Westbound data was collected at ~5730 W and eastbound data was collected at ~5670 W (see map above).