Thursday, October 16, 2014

City Council 7 Oct 2014: Ashford, PSD, Mail-In Voting

Fourteen residents attended the meeting. Most were either residents of the Ashford assisted living center or are associated with the facility (e.g. have relatives that live there or work there). Note, I particularly enjoy the interactivity that the mayor allows us to have with attendees. I believe it allows residents to feel that their voice is heard and provides us with the opportunity to learn.


  1. Public Comment:

    2014-10-07 Ashord N Wall

    The public comment time was used exclusively by the Ashford contingent. All comments (5) were requests that the council revise the code associated with the Senior Care and Assisted Living Overlay (SCALO) to allow a wrought iron fence to be built on the north side of the property (see yellow line on the image above) rather than a 6’ wall. The wall is required by code and has already been built on the east side of the property. The owner posted a bond in December of 2013 to build a wall on the N side in order to obtain a certification of occupancy from the city. Their comments included the following:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Highland Town Meeting 1-Oct-2014: Reducing the Speed of Traffic on Country Club Drive

The City Council and the Mayor heard from several residents of the City concerning the amount of traffic and the speed of the traffic on the east and west sides of Country Club Drive. The roads under discussion are highlighted in the map below.

2014-10-01 Town Mtg - Country Club Map

Here are the meeting notes courtesy of council member Jessie Schoenfeld:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bob Lansinger – Dear Friend and Colleague

Lansinger, Robert 003A dear friend and colleague, Bob Lansinger, passed away last week. He was a wonderful person with whom I quickly developed a great friendship when we started working together a little over 2 years ago.

I was his nominal “boss”. However,  I received more counsel and advice from him than I gave. Bob was a master of asking good questions and using them as a gentle teaching tool.

I really can’t recall a time when he was critical of anyone. He may have thought something could have been done different but he never turned that into a negative comment about an individual.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A “Powerful” Chance Encounter with William George Jordan

imageThe Power of Truth was written by William George Jordan and first published in 1902. My father encouraged me to read it for years and when I finally did I wondered why I had not read it earlier.  It affirms what most of us believe but don’t articulate. It offers insights into human nature that provides comfort and can inspire us to become the kind of people God would have us be. It is on my must read list.  This is one of the few books that you can turn to any page, put your finger anywhere on the page and find a quotable quote in the paragraph that your finger is on.

The Power of Truth was Jordan’s third book. The Kingship of Self-Control (1898) and The Majesty of Calmness(1900) preceded it.  In typical Jordan style the name of the book is also the title of the first chapter.