Monday, January 20, 2014

City Council Meeting Jan 7, 2014

I attended this meeting via telephone as I was out of town on business, Prior to the formal council meeting a 30 minute work session was held to listen to a sales pitch by representatives of Dubli, an online shopping portal that offers discounts to shoppers on purchases made at linked stores.

Workshop (Dubli) Summary

Anyone can sign up for a free Dubli account and receive discounts at stores (from what I saw the discounts ranged from 1% to 26% depending on the merchant and product) and travel sites linked through Dubli’s portal. Increased discounts are available for those who sign up for one of two levels of premium membership (Premium ~$60/yr, or VIP $99/yr).

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I Ran For Highland City Council

Rod Mann
I ran for city council in large part because I did not feel the city communicated well with residents. My strategy for running was quite simple. (1) Articulate a sincere positive message in person (door-to-door and in person meetings) and (2) support this with a flyer and online presence (web site and Facebook page). A number of friends helped me by handing out flyers and setting up home meetings. Most importantly, I had the support of many friends who simply told others about me. I sincerely believe that they were the key to my primary and and general election victories. There are too many to name individually but thank you.

Here is the message I put on my flyers and web site.