Monday, September 20, 2021

Highland City Council Preview for 21 Sept 2021

Scott Hart, who does the 2-Minute Tuesday Council Meeting summary for us, dedicated the most recent video to his mom, who passed away last week. This one covers the basics of the meeting and sends a wonderful message of how we all ought to treat our moms. Thanks Utah’s Highlander, for sharing this uplifting video.

This week we are holding a work session covering the all-abilities playground for the planned Mountain Ridge Park. This starts at 6 pm. Those interested in the park should plan on watching on YouTube or attending in person. Below are the other interesting items on the agenda from my perspective: :

  • Selecting replacement playground equipment for Highland Glen Park
  • Discussion on the Open Space Fund and how it is allocated.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Meet with the Mayors – September 2021

2021-09-13 MTWM
Below is a video recording of a discussion on current and future issues facing Highland City with the current mayor, Rod Mann, and next year’s mayor, council member Kurt Ostler.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Highland City Council Preview for 7 Sept 2021

Forrest Gump fans will appreciate the “2-Minute Tuesday” video summary of the  the Aug 17th council meeting. Don’t forget to watch the trailer at the end. As usual, it is entertaining.

Here are what I believe are the more interesting agenda items on the city council agenda:

  • Staff will share an update on pressurized irrigation water use.
  • Council member Kurt Ostler will give an update on Dry Creek Lake.
  • Boyer will provide an update on their development south of Lone Peak High School (Ridgeview). Those interested in the project will find it interesting. Costa Vida and Arby’s fans will be happy to know these two restaurants will be included in the commercial area.
  • Staff will discuss the process for bidding out Mountain Ridge Park.