Saturday, April 30, 2016

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

I just listened to a 12 minute speech by NPR Radio Host Celeste Headlee entitled “10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation.” I’ve never heard of her but love her thoughts. If you’d don’t have 12 minutes to listen here is brief a summary.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Public Safety Board 31-Mar-2016: 2016-17 Budgets

Police and Fire

Public Safety board Meeting (April 8th)

Tim Irwin could not make it to the meeting so as the Highland alternate board member I attended. The primary discussion item was the 2016-2017 proposed budget. Both the fire department asked for a 2.7% increase and police for a 4%increase.  During the meeting I made the comment that from Highland’s perspective I could not support percentage increase greater than our projected general fund tax revenue increase. Note, if police or fire request a 2% increase Highland will end up with a +2% increase because for both police and fire we are growing faster than the other cities that share in the cost (Fire: Highland, Alpine, and Cedar Hills, Police: Highland and Alpine).

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Perspective on a Meeting with Governor Herbert

2013-05-23_Gary_R_Herbert - sm

I was invited to participate in a breakfast meeting with Governor Herbert along with a few other N. county residents, some of whom were state delegates and most of whom had differences with the Governor on important issues. Kudo’s to the Governor for meeting with those who don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with him.

The governor responded to questions regarding Common Core, SB-54 (Count My Vote Compromise), testing, local control and more local control.

Governor Herbert was an active listener and acknowledged that there were issues to be addressed. It was a good experience for me and I believe most of those involved. One item that came out of the discussion was the need for him to hear from a broader set of voices on education related issues and his willingness create a vehicle for doing that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

City Council 15-Mar-2016: Annual Report, City Survey, Annexation, Apple Creek (Town Center Project), Utility Rate and Skydrop sprinkler controller

Survey SaysThere were +14 residents at the council meeting on March 15th and just a couple at the Work Session held the week prior. The work session had two agenda items:

  • (1) An update on the Utility Rate Analysis being performed by Zion’s Bank
  • (2) A presentation on a potential water conservation program.

Both items were interesting and I will cover them briefly before getting to my council notes.