Sunday, April 19, 2020

City Council Preview for April 21, 2020

Generic Council Preview

Below is the agenda for our April 21, 2020 City Council Meeting along with my video preview. This will be a virtual/electronic meeting. We will stream it on our YouTube channel (click here to watch).  If you want to provide comments in open comment (unscheduled public appearances) portion of the meeting or for any specific agenda item please send an email to prior to the meeting. Staff will read your comments during the meeting at the appropriate time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2020: A Year of Hope – A Highland City Proclamation

Spring 2020

Everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to one degree or another. During what can seem like a dark time, Highland City wanted to bring hope to the community via a proclamation “2020: A Year of Hope” and an accompanying video.  I  hope you find it inspirational. We all hope for a brighter tomorrow and thanks to your efforts we will.

A special thanks to my wife Suzanne who was the inspiration behind the proclamation, Scott Hart who produced the accompanying video, and the city council for sharing their thoughts.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mayor’s Message for April 2020: Silver Linings

Silver Lining - Fairview

Along with the rest of the world, we are going through a challenging time, but there are always silver linings. In this case we have a chance to develop creative solutions. Jeff Dyer, a Highland resident, co-authored The Innovator’s DNA with Clayton Christensen and Hal Gregersen. In the book they describe different exercises that can be used to develop creative solutions. One such exercise is to define a problem and then put constraints on the solution. According to Marissa Mayer, former Google executive, “creativity, in fact, thrives best when constrained.” Clearly constraints have been put on much of our life, giving us the opportunity to address many of life’s challenges in new ways. New solutions to problems will be found that will benefit all of us going forward.