Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Rush to Make Fundamental Changes in Utah’s Political System?

Utah: 2012 Best State for BusinessUtah leads the nation in volunteerism  and charitable giving by significant margins [1]. Forbes awarded Utah the best state for business in 2012 for the third straight year [2] and the best state in the nation for debt management in 2009 [3]; The Pew Center in a 2008 report which graded the states indicated that they consider Utah to be the best managed state in the nation [4]; in January of 2011 The Milken Institute gave Utah the highest rating in the nation for Technology and Dynamism [5].

With all of these accolades one would think those looking at our state’s political system would be looking for what is right and working. Not the case for a Utah group who label themselves the “Count My Vote Executive Committee” (CMV). They are threatening the state’s political parties, stating that, they will run a petition to enact a law that makes significant changes to each party’s nominating process if the parties do not conform to their demands (click here to see their latest memo to the parties).