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Thanks for your interest in my blog. I truly believe in President Washington's comment that "Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports" and feel that core values and their sources should be part and parcel of our public and private dialog. Hence you'll find that religion is a frequent topic.

Pictured above are my wife and I with our 2 daughters, their husbands and children.
Missing are our two boys who were in New Zealand and Florida.

A little about me if you're interested. I've been married for 40+ years, and have 4 grown children and 12 grandchildren all of whom I love dearly.

I have worked for several large firms (GE, Motorola, FMC, and HCL) as well as a few software and consulting services startups plus a non-profit. I've enjoyed all of my jobs (programmer, consultant, marketing director, program manager, alliance director, VP of Business Dev ...). Regardless of the position, I find immense satisfaction in making a measurable difference. Presently, I spend much of my week campaigning for Utah County Auditor. I enjoy it because of the opportunities it affords me to interact with so many wonderful people.

So why do I blog? Here are a few of the reasons:
  1. To publicly share my thoughts on local political races. In 2010 I was simultaneously involved in two campaigns; Morgan Philpot for Congress and Tim Bridgewater for the Senate. Morgan lost a relatively close race in the general election and Tim lost a very close primary. Hmm, why would anyone want my support going forward you might ask. Good question :) On a personal note, I have no regrets on spending my time and money on either campaign. I met a lot of wonderful people and both candidates are ones I would readily support again.

  2. A few years back I created a website, FreedomNotes.com, that I wanted to use as a vehicle for sharing my father's public speeches and articles. He's a great patriot that has served his country well and has a deep knowledge of and love for the Constitution, George Washington, and the founders. The landing page for that site had the following introduction and also applies to much of the content of this blog.

    Like the individual notes of a beautiful hymn, the stories surrounding the birth our nation and its continued history create an inspiring melody. Unfortunately, since the early 1900s stories illustrating the hand of Providence and the faith of our founders have been systematically removed from the texts used to teach our children. We have now reached the point that those who hold that our founders had an abiding faith in God and that this belief was reflected in our founding documents are held in derision at our schools and universities. What was once a majestic hymn has now become an empty melody which lacks the power to inspire and lift.

    We at Freedom Notes believe that bringing to light this lost history will play a vital role in restoring the values and traditions which made our country great. Much of the content found herein comes from speeches and papers written by Ron Mann an authority on the Constitution and Founding Fathers. Please feel free to share the information found on this site with others.

    I have since migrated most of the content from Freedom Notes to my blog and added new speeches and articles from my father. These can all be found by selecting "Ron Mann" from the list of categories in the side-panel of my blog. I have also redirected the Freedom Notes site to my blog. I may in the future resurrect Freedom Notes as its own site but for now I find that blogging is less time consuming than maintaining my own site.

  3. I also wanted to share information about my passions. For example, I was and still am fascinated by William George Jordan, a turn of the century author, speaker and editor. His books, which have largely been forgotten, are the writings of an inspired man. Initially, I had difficulty finding information about him so I started a research project about him and uncovered a lot of interesting information. I even spoke with a great niece; a charming lady who lives in Texas and who provided, through her brother, pictures of William's parents and siblings. I've posted some of the information I've uncovered and will continue to share.

  4. When I ran for office I committed to improve communication between residents and city government. 

  5. And lastly I wanted a means of sharing my own thoughts, ideas and experiences. As an example, in our church we are assigned to visit a few (2 to 5) families in our congregation each month. During the visit we often give a short lesson. Over the years I've tried to come up with creative ideas to share important principles. These often end up as object lessons. I've posted some of the better ones. Hopefully there will be more to come.
I hope you find something interesting, informative, or inspiring in this blog and that you revisit it from time to time. Note, I do update my posts as I find new information, discover factual errors or reread them and find, to my horror, that I've made grammatical errors. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or just want to get in touch feel free to contact me at mannkindperspectives@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.


  1. Dear Mr Mann,

    i came across your site will searching for works by William George Jordan.

    I attach below a link to a PDF copy of Jordan's book 'Mental Training' which your site des not currently contain.

    Nigel Harding


  2. Thanks Nigel. I've added that as a link to my post on William Jordan and Education (http://mannkindperspectives.blogspot.com/2012/02/william-george-jordan-and-education.html). I had not included this even though I created the document and put it on freedomnotes.com (a site I own).

  3. Rod, your dad and I visited a lot while we were in the Mount Vernon Ward, your dad working for Pres Reagan and I for the Pentagon. Thank you for honoring your dad and perpetuating his contributions to the dialog in our on-going epic battle between good and evil in America.


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