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Books by William George Jordan

Ad for Mental Training by Analysis, Law and AnalogyThe following is a list of the books and pamphlets (some were also published as articles or series of articles in magazines) authored by William George Jordan. It is complete as far as I can determine. If an online version is available I’ve linked the title to it. For ones that I’ve created shareable versions I’ve put links to them after the title indicating the format of the content (e.g. PDF).

William George Jordan is one of my favorite authors and one that I’ve done considerable research on. All of his books are on my must read list (I think everyone should read at least one). You can read about him in my post entitled William George Jordan – Author Extraordinaire as well as by looking at my other posts on the author and his books:

Personal Improvement
  • Five National Platforms: Dissected, Classified and Indexed, 1912. Note,  this was also published as a two-part article in the October and November 1912 issues of The Common Cause. 
  • What Every American Should Know, A Voters Handbook of the Presidential Campaign …, 1916
  • What Every American Should Know About the League of Nations, 1919 – PDF (note this is a scanned version of the only copy I could find after 18 months of looking)
Education (see “Education” in Articles by William George Jordan)
  • Mental Training; A Remedy for “Education”, 1907


  1. Thank you so so so much for compiling this list and making it available to the public- what an undertaking!

  2. You are most welcome. It was my pleasure. As you can tell Jordan has become somewhat of a passion for me. He was such an interested man and one who expressed his thoughts with such clarity that I feel everyone should read at least one of his books.

  3. I´m a mexican teacher of English for adults and i´ve encouraged my students to become a better language learners by doing extra activities ousite classroom, now we´re reading the Power of Truth during 30 minutes in every class as I´m teaching two groups of bishops and priests. When I found this book i knew it was the perfect one to share with my students to get two goals at the same time by joining the learning process with the pleasure of reading and excellent material which has made my students get engaged with it...your are very generous with the information you are sharing and you can be sure your are doing a kind contribution to society, my students will be very happy to know they can download more books from the same great author... thank you very much, God bless you!

  4. Claudia, thanks for sharing your story and for your kind words. It is wonderful to know that this great material is being used. Jordan's remarks are timeless and I believe were inspired. Your bishops and priests might also enjoy "Little Problems of Married Life." Most of the counsel offered is as applicable today as the day it was written. I'm sure they could use it when they minister to their parishioners. Interestingly enough Jordan wrote this over 10 years before he married.

  5. Thanks for making this available to us . The man was so far ahead of his time as to be a genius. I enjoyed the majesty of calmness audiobook from Librivox and recomend the reading to you.

  6. I've added a link to the audio version of the Majesty of Calmness from Librivox to the post. Thanks for mentioning it.

  7. Gunnar flovenz (Iceland)August 14, 2012 at 6:27 AM

    My sincere thanks for the pdf files. I have been looking For these books for a while now.....

  8. You are very welcome Gunnar. Let me know if you find any transcription errors.

  9. Rod, thanks so much for your work on compiling material from William George Jordan. I have just discovered his writing in the past week and been fascinated. I believe his body of writing is a hidden gem that unfortunately has gone unnoticed by many. I've collected PDFs of his major books and am in the process of having them transcribed to straight text. I'd love to see more people read and enjoy his work. Your multiple resources are extremely helpful!

  10. Aaron, you are very welcome. You might want to use the HTML links get the text.

  11. Dear Rod Mann,

    I also have to express my deepest gratitude for your compassion and public sharing of William George Jordan's books.

    In a period of now nearly five years time, I've been searching for the best books out there on self-improvement, living up to one's potential, finding purpose and so on...

    What always amazes me is that WGG combined so many insights, advice and universal truths - which match up with real life experience - into his short books with so much poetry and precision...and this over a century ago.

    So THANK YOU SO MUCH for your service.

    PS: I've discovered that part of my life purpose is to write articles/books/poems? in a similiar way about topics I deeply care about. It really pulls me, flows through me and energizes me with life force, joy and deep fulfillment. The greatest feeling there is :)

    Take care, I wish you much health, love and happiness.

    Andreas, 22, from Germany

  12. Andreas, You are most welcome. Am I so glad you like them. I agree with your thoughts on Mr. Jordan completely. He is an amazing writer. By the way, my mother was born and raised in Frankfurt A.M. I have spent a lot of time there visiting my grandparents and aunt. It is almost home to me.

  13. Thank you for sharing these wonderful books. I stumble upon WGJ's book on the article by theartofmanliness website. Very good read. A must read for men everywhere.

  14. Dear Rod Mann,

    after I stumbled across an excerpt of "The Kingship of Self-Control" I told myself I had to research the author. I let it slip and found myself last week thinking about it again after months had passed.

    Now, after reading parts of the work by WIlliam George Jordan, I have nothing to express than my sincerest gratitude for your service in proving these books for the public.

    Best wishes from Germany

  15. Thanks L.A. Jordan also published many articles on education and some on politics. You may find these interesting as well. Simply click on category "William George Jordan" on the panel on the right to see a list of all my posts that reference WGJ. By the way I love Germany. My mother was born and raised in Frankfurt and I have spent a lot of time with my grandparents and aunt there. My "Opa" was a dentist in Praunheim.

  16. Rod, thanks for the great site. Do you allow use of the text in your HTML versions for republishing? I noticed some are marked with a copyright based on your edits and some are not. Thank you.

    1. Call me at 801-318-7141. All should have a copyright on them.

  17. Dear Ron Mann, You might wish, also, to include the following: Prophetic Ideas, & Ideals: a series of Short Studies, in the Prophetic Literature, of the Hebrew People, Fleming H. Revell, Chicago, 1902, Regards, L.

  18. There was a second William George Jordan who was a contemporary to the WGJ I this post refers to. The 2nd WJG was a professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Literature at a Canadian university. He published a number of books. I believe this in one of them. When I first began researching WJG this was quite confusing to me.

  19. Thanks much for your research and writing about WGJ. My great great grand father received a copy of Great Truths as a gift while in England in 1905. I've treasured the book for years and I am delighted to learn all that you have found about the author.



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