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Articles by William George Jordan

William George Jordan 1918 2

William George Jordan was a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines. Many (if not all) of the chapters in his books were published previously as articles in magazines such as the Ladies Home Journal, New Science Review, and Cosmopolitan. His articles covered subjects such as marriage, politics, education and history. Local newspapers often republished, all or a portion of, articles that were published in major magazines and newspapers.

The links to articles written by William George Jordan are listed in both in chronological and topical order below. You can read more about him in my post entitled  “William George Jordan – Author Extraordinaire”. Note, if the article is not linked to an online source it is because it was found using a subscription service, such as ProQuest, that does not allow articles to be republished without permission.

Chronological Order

Topical Order

Books (published excerpts from his books)



  • Mental Training—A Remedy for ‘Education’”, Appleton’s Popular Science Monthly, Oct 1894, p 140-157 – HTML, PDF
  • “Mental Training—A Remedy for Education”, Current Literature, Dec 1894
  • “Genius: The Model for Education”, Current Literature, Jun 1895
  • “Individuality and Education”, Current Literature, Aug 1896 – PDF
  • What Education Does Not Do”, The Circle and Success Magazine, Feb 1910
  • The Individuality of Children”, The Child Welfare Manual Vol 2, The University Society, 1915 — This is an excellent article on parenting.
  • “What’s the Matter with Education”, The Forum, Mar 1923 – PDF
  • “Educating for Seven Lives”, The Forum, April 1923 – PDF
  • “Modeling Education on Genius”, The Forum, May 1923 – PDF
  • “Mental Training: A Remedy for Education”, The Forum, June 1923, PDF


I will add to this over time as I find additional articles. Please feel free to share any that you may have found.


  1. “Genius: The Model for Education”, Current Literature, Jun 1895 can be found on Google Books in a volume called The New Science Review: The Miscellany of Modern Thought and Discovery Volume 1 Covering the Year from July, 1894, to April 1895 on p. 397. The easiest way to find it is search for "Mental Training by Analysis, Law and Analogy" on Google, then look for the result on Google Books that includes "New Science Review."


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