Friday, June 18, 2010

Why We Support Tim Bridgewater For Senate

A Note from Your Friends and Neighbors

Why We Support

Tim Bridgewater

for Senate

TIM UNDERSTANDS BUSINESS.  With the economy in disarray, we need leaders in Washington who understand what it takes to create jobs and how to get government out of the way. Tim’s experience in domestic and international business makes him a credible voice on how to get our economy back on track. He knows how to balance a budget, a knowledge sorely needed in Washington, D. C.

TIM IS A DOER WITH A HISTORY OF SERVING.  When Tim sees a problem, he gets to work to create a solution. He applies a practical approach to achieve results. There are many examples of this in his life. He helped found John Hancock Charter School in Utah County. He served the governor without reimbursement as Utah Deputy for Education. While serving in this capacity, he fought the passage of No Child Left Behind. From coaching sports to working in local party politics, he has made service a part of his life. He has been generous in his support of the Republican Party, his community, and his state.

TIM IS A POSITIVE LEADER.  It takes persistence to succeed in the highly charged, partisan environment that is Washington. Tim’s positive attitude wins friends, even among those with whom he disagrees.President Reagan used this quality to disarm his enemies and then made progress by finding common ground.Tim invites participation; he listens; he asks thoughtful questions, and he gives thoughtful responses. This is what a great leader must be able to do.

We are proud to be TIM BRIDGEWATER supporters for these and many other reasons. Please join us and vote TIM BRIDGEWATER for U. S. Senate this Tuesday
Kristen & Paul Eberting
Kent Hastings
Dan Oaks
Dr. Robert & Deborah Romney
Greg & Michelle Smith
Rebecca & Vincent Warner
Barbara Williams
Dean & Melanie Zimmerman
American Fork
Larry & Karen Bartholomew
Carole & Kay Barton
Brian Bready
Dr. Michael & Leslie Callahan
Carole & Lawrence Clarke
Kimberly Clarke
Joseph & Jacqueline Colledge
Dale & Rose Ann Gunther
Shirl LeBaron
Kurt Myers
Mark Steele
Bart Barker
Steven Elder
Clark Harvey
Gwendolyn Smith
DeLaina Tonks
Eagle Mountain
Sam Betteridge
Heather Jackson
Robin Beck
Jon Bready
Mike Bready
Kristen Chevrier
Jen & Mark Ellis
Jolene Fincher
Lisa Harkness
David & Roberta Harris
Christena Hoyal
Tim Irwin
Rod & Suzanne Mann
Mark Steele
Larry & Suellen Baum
James & Lisa Dixon
Jennifer & Shane Lee
Chris Shelley
John & Rebecca Williams
Paul & Amber Ericsson
Leslie Jones
Greg & Vickie Jones
Brandon Beckham
Dave Duncan
Jolene Fincher
Rudy Isaacson
Dr. Allen Young
Carrie Ashcraft
David & Julie Blaney
Keith Mitchell
Jen Watson
Jodi & Rob Zabriskie
Pleasant Grove / Cedar Hills
Doug & Tamra Bezzant
Jacqueline & Gregory Burgess
Dr. Richard & SueAnn Call
LauraLyn Eberting
Carol & Jay Harmer
Brigham & Karmel Larson
Ray & Steffani Raff
Holly & Greg Richardson
Cheri  & Eric Schulzke
Laurea Stirling
Cory & Holly Tholl
David Bradford
Dr. Doug & Mindi Brown
Dave & Laura Cabanilla
David & Pam Covey
John & Sue Curtis
Dr. Val & Laura Dunn
Dan & Carol Ellertson
Frank Gardiner
Bob & Dianne Gledhill
Eric Hafen
Becca Hall
Dale Herring
Julia Holt
Dr. Scott & Ruthanne Jackson
Tim & Kristie Kapp
David Kyle
Jeff & Kris McClellan
James & Kristine Pinegar
Tim & Patcee Powers
Joey Smith
Saratoga Springs
Bill & Linda Hartley
Derek Warner
Spanish Fork
Larry Cerenzie
Hugh Black
Dennis & Johanna Flynn
Jolynn Wright
Springville Area
Paul Baltes
Chad Holmes
Leslie Jones
Tyffanie Perez
Other Cities
Ann Rose
Robyn & Terry Bagley
Cynthia Bee
Austin & Brittany Cales
Diane & Gene Cales
Beverly Cluff
Emily & Jeremy Leger
Scott & Diane Patterson
Susan Peart
Alisa Smith
Wayne Smith
Tony Seymour
Barbara M. Stallone

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