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Pictures of William George Jordan

William George Jordan - 1910-07 - The CraftsmanWhen I first started researching William George Jordan (1864-1928), a very gifted writer with incredible insights into human nature, I was only able to find one picture of him online that was most likely not this WGJ. I’ve been able to locate the following pictures since then from magazines, newspapers, books, and family members with whom I’ve had the privilege of connecting (great niece and nephew). The Wikipedia entry for WGJ now contains the first portrait I located (I rewrote the earlier entry on him).

William George Jordan Portraits

William George Jordan - 1910-07 - The Craftsman William George Jordan - 1910-08 - Americana

This picture is found in the July 1910 issue of The Craftsman as part of an article entitled “People Who Interest Us: William George Jordan, Who Suggested the House of Governors ”.

The August 1910 issue of Americana published the entire text of WGJs “House of Governors” (HTML, PDF), a booklet which he published in 1907. The article included this picture as well as an addendum entitled “The Future of the House of Governors”.

William George Jordan 1918 - Leaders of the Twentieth Century 2

WGJ was included in a 1918 publication called Leaders of the Twentieth Century: New York City 1918. The forward in the book contains this text:
The literary story of those included, the advance guard and premiers among statesmen, lawyers, physicians, bankers, and merchants, in fine the thinkers and doers who made New York the Proud Princes of Cities, would sound of writers, but their likenesses, though silent, sound aloud with enduring fame, the character purpose, and possibilities of hundreds portrayed herein.

Pictures of William George Jordan with members of the “House of Governors” or “Governors Conference”

William George Jordan and Governors - 1911-09-14 NYT

New York Times, 14 Sep 1911. WGJ can be seen in the back row (3rd from the right) at the Sept 1911 meeting which was hosted by Woodrow Wilson (bottom row, 4th from the right) in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

William George Jordan and Governors - 1911-09-23 The Outlook - The Gathering of the Governors

A better picture from the same setting from Sept 23rd 1911 issue of The Outlook.

William George Jordan and Governors 1 - 1911-10 Current Literature - The House of Governors

Current Literature, October 1911. WGJ, 2nd from the right. His physical stature belies the power of his words and the influence he wielded.
William George Jordan and Governors 2 - 1911-10 Current Literature

This picture is from the same article as the previous one. WGJ could be the person sitting and taking notes at the desk on the left, a likely activity for the then secretary of the organization.

Family of William George Jordan (courtesy of WGJ’s grand-nephew)

Henry and Mary Jordan - William George Jordans Parents Mary Murdock Jordan - William George Jordans mother - 1880s

The parents of WGJ of Henry Jordan and Mary Murdoch Jordan. Henry was a printer according to the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census records. Both of his parents were born in Ireland.

Mary Murdoch Jordan, WGJ’s mother. She lived with William from 1900 (or before) until her death in 1919 according to census records. William’s father died in 1883 so it is likely that she stayed with William prior to 1900.

John Jordan - William George Jordans brother - 1 John Jordan

Both of these pictures are of John Jordan who was the 2nd child of Henry and Mary and who was 7 years older than WGJ.


William George Jordans home office - 1919-09 House & Garden

Picture of WGJ’s home office / library (left) from the Sept 1918 issue of House and Garden.

Please feel free to share any pictures you may have or find. Thanks.

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