Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunday Business Opening by Don Ruzicka

Don wrote the following open letter to Highland residents regarding Prop 6 which is on the ballot this election cycle. I thought I’d share it with you.

For many years Highland has had an ordinance that does not allow businesses to be open on Sunday. With a few exceptions the vast majority of businesses everywhere already close on Sunday simply because they too need a day of rest and because of the reality that comparatively little shopping occurs on Sunday. Other businesses came to operate here and serve us knowing they could not be open on Sunday. As a result Highland has uniquely enjoyed a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere on Sundays which has always been an important part of its charm and desirability. It’s nice to be able to take a leisurely drive to visit relatives or friends or just enjoy the abundant beauty that we are surrounded by in Highland without having to contend with the congestion and frenetic pace of every other day. It is truly one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live anywhere. IT’S WHY MOST OF US CHOSE TO LIVE HERE!

We are now told by our city government that it would be a good idea for us to give all that up. WHY?? Because we shouldn’t impose our standards on others who care or have need to shop on Sunday. And, coincidentally, we seem to have a desperate need to increase tax revenue to pay for budget shortfalls caused by city government spending beyond its ability to pay. You may remember a couple of months back that we were threatened that if we didn’t allow businesses to be open on Sunday that the only other option would be to increase property taxes. As it turns out now they have done both. THAT’S RIGHT, THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE IT! Only because some citizens pushed back and got petitions signed do we all now have the right to voice our opinions at the polls in November. Otherwise it is a done deal arbitrarily forced on us by city officials who are unwilling to be accountable for their unsound and irresponsible fiscal policies.


NO ONE is being dictated to not shop on Sunday. There are vast shopping opportunities within a few short minutes of any place in Highland.

It is not a religious issue! We simply want to preserve the unique and wonderful environment that we have always enjoyed in Highland. Why should government irresponsibility FORCE US to change that?

Why should Highland City want to encourage businesses who want to operate on Sunday to come to our city and COMPETE with those businesses who have voluntarily closed on Sunday and faithfully served us so well?

Do we really want to become the commercial center that Lehi and American Fork have become with the attending CONGESTION and confusion, especially when we can access all of that business within a few minutes? We didn’t choose to live in Lehi or American Fork.

Government is always attempting to generate more tax revenues and, almost without exception, they will spend more than they collect and then tell us about the dire consequences we face unless they can raise our taxes again. It is a never ending cycle and it happens at every level; city, county, state and federal.

Don’t ask us to change our standard of living and sacrifice our community standards because government won’t act responsibly.

It is time for us to say . . . enough is enough! Only WE can require our government to be accountable, make the NECESSARY tough decisions, spend OUR money responsibly and LIVE ON A BALANCED BUDGET . . . just like we have to do!


Note, for more information on the Sunday Opening issue click here.

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