Tuesday, May 20, 2014

City Council Meeting 6-May-2014

Here is the agenda and my brief comments on each item:


  1. Public Comments
    Two residents from the Dry Creek development (southeast of Highland Blvd & 11800 N) expressed concern that the developer had not completed a fence along the S. side of 11800 N. A representative from Ivory was at the council meeting and agree to research the issue and report back to the council. Below is the summary page from his report. Click here to see the full report.

Ivory response to 11800 fence question

CONSENT (all approved)

  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for City Council Regular Session – April 15, 2014
  2. RESOLUTION: Creation of an ADHOC Committee – Beautification Committee
  3. RESOLUTION: Creation of an ADHOC Committee – Economic Development Committee
  4. RESOLUTION: Creation of an ADHOC Committee – Web and Social Media Committee
  5. RESOLUTION: Setting a Public Hearing – Tentative 2014-2015 Fiscal Year Budget May 20
  6. RESOLUTION: Confirming appointment of Justice Court Judge – Douglas J. Neilsen
  7. MOTION: Surplus of Personal Property – Asset Disposal of Backhoe
  8. MOTION: Condominium Plat Request – Christopher Munday for the Highland corner office building located east of the south east corner of Alpine Highway and Timpanogos Highway. The building owner will now be able to sell the office space he currently rents to tenants.


  1. PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE –Amend the General Plan – Eliminating the parkway detail on Alpine Highway from 9700 North to City limits.Denied. The council supported the action of the planning commission by denying a request to amend the parkway ordinance to reduce the parkway requirement to 15’  on this section of Alpine Hwy.
  2. MOTION: Preliminary Plat Approval – David and Amber Clegg  Approved
  3. MOTION: Lot 602 Spruces Subdivision – Steve Eldridge Request It was brought up that multiple water lines run parallel to the property line. The request to allow the toe of a berm to encroach on the easement needs further investigation.
  4. MOTION: Preliminary Plat Approval – Dry Creek Highlands Phases 5-7. After a rather lengthy discussion regarding the fence issue the preliminary approval was granted.
  5. MOTION: Conditional Use Permit – Rocky Mountain Power, Power Line Corridor Upgrade. The 138kV power line upgrade was approved. Click here to see a copy of the report for the project created by Rocky Mountain Power.
  6. MOTION: Sewer Project – Dry Creek. Approved
  7. MOTION: Storm Water Coalition – Interlocal Agreement with Utah County The council approved renewing this agreement which shares the costs of federally mandated education programs regarding storm water drains between the county and cities in the county.


  1. Victor Property – Site Review. After a discussion regarding the site and its potential uses the consensus seemed to be that it makes sense to do a planning for this property along with the adjacent property before a decision is made on what to do with the property. Note, one of the considerations is to use this land to re-site the city’s current Public Works yard.

    Victor Property
  2. Library property tax reduction / general property tax follow-up. Kasey, city attorney, reported that he spoke with both the county clerk’s office and the state tax commission regarding the need to follow the Truth-in-Taxation process to raise the general property tax in an amount equal to a reduction of the library property tax. He received conflicting answers within each department. Kasey’s recommendation is to follow the Truth-in-Taxation process to avoid a possible issue.

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