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City Council 5-May-2015: Dry Creek Trail, Budget Notes

16 residents attended the council meeting.

Note, I’ve updated the online budget data to reflect the most recent input from the finance director. Council members are still sharing ideas on budget changes that will put more money into roads and more appropriately allocate costs. A recent suggestion, which has not been formally discussed in council meeting, is to allocate the following in the library budget:

    Office Supplies
    Prof & Tech Services
    Prop Insurance




    Cost Allocation Basis
    % of *FTEs (26,8%)
    % of phones (15.8%)
    % of FTEs (26,8%)
    % of total sq. ft. (19.56%)
    % of total sq. ft. (19.56%)
    % of total sq. ft. (19.56%)
    per sq. ft. charged to Alpine for the court building. ($10.20)
    *FTE: Full-Time Equivalent Employees

    This is simply a reallocation of existing general fund expenses and will not change the net expenses for the general fund. However, it would more accurately reflect all library costs. This is significant as the library, even though it is included in the general fund, has its own dedicated funding sources. In previous years it has spent less than its dedicated revenue sources provide. This results in a surplus (as of July 2014 the total surplus was ~$89,000) that can only be spent on future library expenses rather than other general fund needs such as roads. With the proper cost allocations in place the surplus will disappear and those “surplus” dollars can now be applied where they are needed most rather than remain unused.


    1. Public Comment: None


    1. MOTION: Preliminary Plat Approval - a 9 lot single family residential subdivision, Stoney Brook. Unanimously approved with the following stipulations as recommended by the planning commission.

      a. The final plat shall be in substantial conformance with the preliminary plat date stamped April 16, 2015.
      b. Final landscape plans shall be approved prior to recording the final plat.
      c. Prospective homebuyers shall be informed by affidavit of the proximity of the existing gravel pit. A note shall also be placed on the final plat.
      d. Written approval from Lehi Irrigation District regarding the relocation of the existing irrigation ditch shall be provided prior to final plat recordation or construction of the subdivision.
      e. All required public improvements shall be installed as required the City Engineer.
      e. The civil construction plans shall meet all requirements as determined by the City Engineer.
      g. The applicant meets with the adjacent landowner to the north to resolve any potential boundary issues.

      Note the developer indicated that he had spoken with neighboring land owners and that there were no unresolved issues.

      2015-05-05 Stoney Brook

    2. MOTION:Dry Creek Trail – Review and Direction. We moved to allocate funds for the removal of trail that is on private property and in our July council meeting to have provide a report on the timing of the project and the costs and potential schedule to construct replacement trails within the easement. The trails under discussion are shown below. The sense from the attendees is that the Dry Creek Phase 3 residents would not be willing to sell an easement on their property for the land the trail is currently on. There are 3 homes affected in Dry Creek Phase 1, 2 homes in Phase 2 and 9 homes in Phase 3. I’ve highlighted the problem sections of trail in yellow.

      Phase I (East-West trail section)
      2015-05-05 Dry Creek Trail - easement violation marked

      Phase 2 & 3 (North-South trail section)
      2015-05 Bull River Trail Survey marked

      Current Cost Estimates:
      - Relocate Phase 1 trail: $98,800
      - Remove Phase 1 trail: $7,700
      - Relocate Phase 2-3 trail: $40,600
      - Remove Phase 2-3 trail: $8,400

      Staff was directed to relook at costs if we replaced the asphalt with a walking trail (gravel or other less expensive material). The Phase 2-3 trail is used by children a school route. Staff recommends that this trail remain asphalt. The city will need to have engineering plans drawn up for the proposed solution and then we can look at alternatives for executing the plan. This could include the use of volunteer labor.

      Please refer also to my notes from the Highland City Work Session: Dry Creek & Bull River Trail Issues in Feb of 2015.

    Mayor, City Council and staff communication items

    • Brian Braithwaite discussed his proposal to change the current leave policy for staff (unlimited accrual of vacation time) to be limited to 200% of annual vacation. There is two primary purposes for this; first to encourage staff to take leave and second to limit the cities liability.

      No one on the council is opposed to this. The only question is whether to implement this in conjunction with other policy changes or do it as an independent item. The city administrator will report back in 6 weeks on any implementation issues.


    • The sale of real property Pursuant to Section 52-4-205(1)(e) of the Utah State Code Annotated.

    • The character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual. Pursuant to Section 52-4-205(1)(a) of the Utah State Code Annotated.

    Pending Action Items

    Description Requested
    by / Owner
    Due Date Status

    Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16 Prioritize and Communicate to Residents

    City Council


    Contracted with King Engineering.

    HW Bldg. – PW Storage Status

    City Council

    April 21

    In Progress

    Determine Park Use For Recreation

    City Council

    3rd qtr. 2015

    Staff to make recommendations

    SR74 Median at Pebble Lane Subdivision



    Waiting to hear from council.

    Building use Policy and Fees

    Rod Mann

    3rd qtr. 2015

    Gathering information


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