Tuesday, June 14, 2016

City Council 17-May-2016: Tentative Budget, Mortuary Conditional Use Modification

About 10 people attended the meeting. Representative Mike Kennedy gave a brief legislative report (see my notes from the East-West Connector meeting for more detailed comments on the most topical item discussed). The East-West connector will be an item that will be worked on over the course of the next year. It does look like this is a difference of opinion between Senator Dayton (see article posted on UtahPolicy.com) and the city and county on this item so we will have to see how this resolves itself over the next 9 months.

Council Meeting AGENDA / MINUTES

Public Comment

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  1. Certified Municipal Clerk Recognition – Utah Municipal Clerks Association. Our city clerk, Jody Bates, received her Certified Municipal Clerk certificate. Over 240 hours classwork were required to earn this.


  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for the City Council Regular Session – May 3, 2016: Approved unanimously. Click here for details.

  2. MOTION: Ratification of Ordinance O-2015-11 – Highland Oaks Annexation: We formally ratified an approved annexation request for the property that will be developed as Highland Oaks. Approved unanimously. Click here for details.

    2016-05-17 Highland Oaks Annexation

  3. RESOLUTION: Approval of the Municipal Wastewater Planning Program Report – 2015. The city is required to file an annual report covering its wastewater activities and plans. If you review the report please note that fewer point scored on the better. Approved unanimously. Click here for details.

  4. MOTION: Approval of Infrastructure Reimbursement Agreement – D.R. Horton. DR Horton agreed to pay $31,200 to reimburse the city for infrastructure costs we had to pay  as part of a settlement agreement we paid for the DAE/Wesbrook debt ($400,000) for the infrastructure that was put in when the road to Suncrest was developed. If you don’t remember the city lost track of this debt and never made any payments. The debt was purchased out of bankruptcy and the new debt owners informed us of the debt and we settled with them out of court. Approved unanimously. Click here for details.


  1. PUBLIC HEARING / ORDINANCE: Boundary Line Adjustment with Alpine City – Belcher. The Belcher’s wish to purchase property from an adjacent neighbor in Alpine. The minor boundary line adjustment requested is to ensure that the purchased property is within Highland. Alpine City has approved the boundary adjustment. Approved Unanimously. Click here for details

  2. MOTION: Modification of a Stipulation of Approval of Conditional Use Permit - Anderson & Sons Mortuary. There are has a long term issue between Anderson & Sons Mortuary and the residents immediately to the south through with an easement exists to provide access to the mortuary for funerals. The issue has been with the requirement to have a gate on the easement  to control access and for the mortuary to fence the east side of the access road. It was moved that the city install a gate at the south fence line of the mortuary (the city had previously removed a gate that was put at the road on the front the resident’s property. The requirement to put a fence on the east side of the road was waived.  The access road is to be used for funerals, viewings, and burials only. Click here for details.

    2016-05-17 Mortuary Access Road

  3. PUBLIC HEARING / RESOLUTION: Fiscal Year 2016-2017 – Tentative Budget. Benefit costs for next year are still being negotiated. Additionally, Public Safety District costs have not been finalized by the public safety district board. I have continually expressed concern that the PSD cannot continue to outpace revenue growth. We’ll see how that eventually turns out. Note, the police department did trim their budget and the board did approve an untrimmed fire budget. We had some discussion about hiring a full-time engineer for a total cost of ~$140,000 a year vs. continuing with a $200K engineering budget that we use on contract engineers. The council was friendly to the idea as long as the total cost stayed under $140,000 and the engineer was a good fit. The tentative budget was approved. Staff and council will continue to work on it prior to the final approval in June. Please note one item that affects both this year’s and next year’s budget is an unforeseen settlement expense of $400,000 for a unpaid obligation that the city somehow lost track of. $200,000 was put into this year’s budget and $200,000 into next year’s. This tentative budget was approved unanimously. Click here for details.

    Note, you can review the budget details, summary info, and chart by looking at an online spreadsheet version of the tentative budget. Click here to go to the online budget.


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