Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mann for Mayor: Endorsements

logo-large_thumb4Highland residents from all across the political spectrum, including some who disagree with me on issues that are important to them, talk about why they support my run for Mayor. So why do they support my candidacy? The biggest reasons are transparency, sharing information, and a willingness to engage.

Renee Braddy

Renee Braddy and her husband Kevin are actively involved in the community. They have made a difference in education, local and county politics as well as simply serving their neighbors. Renee reviews their interactions with me and my efforts to communicate with the residents of Highland..

Dave Orgill

Dave Orgill explains why he supports Rod Mann for Mayor. Dave is a serial entrepreneur and an incredibly hard worker who loves his family. You may recognize him from a a cameo appearance in a family Christmas video (click here to watch) that went viral a few years ago. I smile every time I watch it . Less than 2 months til Christmas, enjoy!

Kristen Chevrier

Kristen shares why she can't think of anyone better to be mayor than someone as engaged and involved as Rod. She is an active leader in our community. She is engaged, fearless and committed. As an example she was unable to connect with our local congressional representative on an issue she flew out to DC in order to get time with him.

Audrey Wright

Audrey Wright, former Highland City Council candidate, explains why she supports Rod for mayor. Audrey is energetic, has a passion for service, and has demonstrated she wants to make a positive difference in Highland.

George Ramjoue

George Ramjoue and I disagreed about an issue, exchanged dozens of emails and a few phone calls where we respectfully disagreed with each other. While we still don't see eye to eye on this issue we developed a great relationship. George is a great example of someone who can disagree with you without being disagreeable. Thanks George.

Ron and Kelli Ann Campbell

Kelli and Ron are giving people who care about our community. Hear why they support Rod Mann for Mayor. Thanks Ron and Kelli for sharing your thoughts.

Mike Olson

Mike is a small business owner and politically active resident of Highland whom I've known for a long time. While we often agree on issues we do occasionally take different positions on issues some would believe a significant. Find out why he supports Rod Mann for Mayor. Thanks Mike, for always telling it as you see it.

Vern May

Vern is a retired executive from a Fortune 500 company. Vern and his wife Sara Lynn quietly serve others. Find out why Vern May supports Rod Mann for Mayor. Vern is someone I look up to and who is an excellent mentor.

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