Thursday, June 14, 2018

LD 27 Republican 2018 Primary Candidates Responses to Questions

2018-06-06 Meet the Candidate 2

A “Meet the Candidate” evening was held on Wednesday June 6th. Each candidate was given about 45 minutes to response to questions and interact with attendees. Below are videos excerpts from each candidates segment during the event which show their responses to common questions. Thanks to Scott Hart for filming the event and then taking the time to create these side-by-side responses to questions! He created a debate without the disadvantage or advantage of candidates hearing what their opponent said and then responding to it. Personally, I really like this format. Note, the video of the entire event is provided at the end of the post.


What experience do you have that would benefit serving on a state level?

How would you address teacher shortages and licensure?

How would you address the East-West Corridor (road which will connect Alpine Hwy and N. County Blvd south of Lone Peak High School)?

What are your thoughts on SB 54 and the caucus system?

What is the biggest difference between you and your opponent?

What have you done to support the Constitution?

What does conservative mean to you and how have you advanced those principles?

How much experience to you have in public education?

Should impact fees be allowed for schools?

What is the legislature's role in public education?

Do you support Common Core and/or a nationalization of education?

Here is the complete version of the event. Brady is first followed by Jared.

Below are links to the candidates websites and Facebook pages:

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  1. Would really love to see these but they seem to be not attached as to be able to view them. Thanks for always providing such great info. Hope you can fix these so that they can be viewed.


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