Monday, July 19, 2021

Highland City Council Preview for 20 July 2021: Finalize Orphan Property Sale Resolution, Urban Deer Program Renewal

Below is the most recent “2-Minute Tuesday” video from Utah’s Highlander summarizing the July 6th council meeting. Fireworks were definitely on display and I guess that goes with the season..

There are several interesting agenda items including:

  • PI Usage report
  • Open Space maintenance update
  • Urban Deer Program Renewal
  • Review and approve initial orphan property sales
  • Discussion of RAP tax which is 0.1% sales tax that can be used to fund Recreation, Arts, and Parks. In Highland’s case this money would be used to fund parks and trails.

This meeting will be held at city hall but we will also stream it on our YouTube channel (click here to watch).  Note, individuals in a high-risk category, are encouraged to participate in the meeting virtually!

You can find an abbreviated meeting agenda together with my thoughts below. The complete agenda (83 pages) which includes the staff reports associated with each item can be accessed by clicking here.

If you missed my July Meet with the Mayor, which was in person only, below is a video where I walk through the presentation I shared at the meeting.

Here’s a link to the presentation if you would like a closer look at the details. If you click on a chart you will be able to open the source spreadsheet.

Highland City Council Agenda
Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM council meeting
Virtual Participation

The time and duration listed at the end of agenda items is my guess as to the start time of this item and how long it will run..

    Time has been set aside for the public to express their ideas, concerns, and comments. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

  2. RECOGNITION ITEMS 7:15 (10 minutes)

    1. Mayoral awards. One of my favorite items :).
  3. PRESENTATIONS 7:25 (45 minutes)

    1. 2021 “Reach” Fling Preview – Corrine Prestwich, Community Events Coordinator, will give a brief overview of the upcoming 2021 Highland Fling which is scheduled for August 2-7, 2021.
    2. 2021 Pressurized Irrigation Water Update – Jeff Murdoch, Pressurized Irrigation Superintendent, will provide an update on the current pressurized irrigation conditions within Highland City.
    3. Open Space Maintenance Update – Josh Castleberry, Park Superintendent, will present an update on open space maintenance plans being implemented throughout Highland City.
  4. CONSENT ITEMS  8:10 PM (15 minutes)
    Items on the consent agenda are of a routine nature or have been previously studied by the City Council. They are intended to be acted upon in one motion. Council members may pull items from consent if they would like them considered separately.

    1. Approval of Council Meeting Minutes for June 15th. Administrative
    2. Agreement: Temporary construction easement Administrative
      Approve a with Rodger and Mara Lyman  to facilitate the construction of the Victor View Gravity Sewer line project .
      This project
    3. Ordinance: Municipal Code Amendment – Fire Code and Burn Permits Legislative
      Consider a request by City Staff to repeal and/or amend three sections of the City’s Municipal Code related to fire codes and burn regulations in order to update City Code to comply with current state law.
    4. Resolution: Declaration of Surplus Property Legislative
      Consider a request by City Staff to declare a total of 38,736 square feet of property surplus in the Pebble Lane Estates subdivision that is not needed for right-of-way for Canal Boulevard. This land was purchased using county funds dedicated to right of way acquisition. The proceeds from the sale will be returned to this county fund. The hatch marks that go down from left to right identify the land being surplused.

  5. PUBLIC HEARING/ACTION: URBAN DEER PROGRAM RENEWAL Administrative. 8:25 (15 minutes)
    Our deer management program is up for renewal through 2024. There will be a change to the program by the State Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR). On the map below you can see areas and dates. The dates indicated are the last date deer can be harvested in these areas. Previous deer could be harvested through December 31st of each year. DWR believes that the change will help limit the number of mountain deer that are harvested. In my view this is a preemptive measure to limit criticism by the hunting community of the program.

    As you can see from the chart below deer/vehicle collisions have dropped dramatically since the program started in 2012.

    The council will review, clarify, modify and approve Resolution 2012-16 Designation of Orphan Properties for Disposal. The council reviewed and approved 54  properties at the June 15th meeting. This is a final review to ensure that property list reflects the council’s decision on that date. Below is the list of properties with links. More details can be found in the staff report.


    1. RAP Tax: Erin Wells, Assistant City Administrator
      Erin will review the process we need to go through to put the 0.1% local sales tax increment on the ballot. She will also share info on how the city would use these funds (parks and trails). I personally support this tax because it will generate revenue from people outside our city (some of those who use our parks and trails). The forecast is that this will generate roughly $150,000 per year that we can apply to both capital and operational expenses related to parks and trails. The tax runs for 10 years and is renewable. Both Cedar Hills and American Fork have implemented this tax. Lehi may also be putting a RAP Tax on the ballot this year. Note, if this were to pass it would mitigate the need for a future property tax increase. 70% of our revenue (including property tax) does not increase with inflation; at some point a property increase will be required.
    2. Park Maintenance Building: Andy Spencer, City Engineer/Public Works Director
    3. Future Meetings
      • July 27: Planning Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • Aug 3: City Council Meeting, 7:00 PM, City Hall
      • Aug 11: Lone Peak Public Safety District Board Meeting, 7:30 am, City Hall.
      • Aug 17: City Council Meeting, 7:00 PM, City Hall
      • Aug 24: Planning Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall



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