Sunday, November 21, 2021

2021 Highland City General Election Results

2021 Highland City General Election % Turnout by Precinct

Congratulations Highland! 40.9% of registered voters participated in this years municipal election. It is the 2nd highest turnout in the last 12 years! The highest was 41.1% in 2017.

We had an uncontested mayoral race, four candidates running for two council seats as well as two propositions. The propositions were:

  • Proposition 1: Whether to ratify the 2019 City Council’s decision to sell 1.1 miles of trail and 5.7 acres of associated open space.
  • Proposition 11: Whether or not to support a 0.1% increase in local sales tax to be used exclusively for city parks.

Residents decided by two to one margin to overturn the 2019 city council decision and by a similar margin to approve the local sales tax increase. Over 99.25% of voters who cast ballots voted on the propositions.

In the council race the top three candidates were separated by about 2.5% of the available votes. Up to 727 voters only voted for one council candidate rather than two (it is possible that some voters voters for no council candidates).

The following charts and graphs illustrate the statistics cited above. Most of the charts include both city-wide and precinct voting information.


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