Monday, June 17, 2019

Traffic Count and Speed Analysis for Canal Blvd at 5700 West

2019-06 Canal Blvd and 5700

We collected traffic data and speed information on Canal Blvd from May 28th through Jun 11th 2019. Westbound data was collected at ~5730 W and eastbound data was collected at ~5670 W (see map above).

Below are tables that summarize the data followed by several charts. Most of the charts show the average number of vehicles traveling at a speed range each day. I broke the day into four blocks of time: midnight to 6, 6 to noon … . There is a column for each block of time in each speed range. I also thought it would be interesting to take a look at weekday vs. weekend traffic information, so there are charts for this information as well. Interestingly, there was a slightly higher incidence of speeding on weekends than weekdays.

The analysis was provided to the police to help them in determining where to use their limited resources to watch for speeders.

Click here to to review the source data and additional charts.

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