Monday, September 13, 2010

Contributing to Parties, PACs or Candidates

As I told a PAC today for the Nth time that I'm contributing to individual candidates this year as opposed to larger organizations for some reason I felt my anger rising. Why should I delegate my right to choose whom I support to a larger group like a PAC or national party when they may give money to candidates I would not otherwise support.  And why should I give to a PAC just so the sponsor will be able to use the money to further his or her political ambitions? 

I quit giving to the National Republican Party and politician sponsored PACs after I saw national figures promoting incumbent/establishment candidates over challengers that I felt better represented my interests. Even some of the Tea Party entities support candidates in primary races that I don't. Hence, I've taken the position that I will choose which candidates I will support with my limited dollars by contributing directly to their campaigns.

The exceptions to this stand are:
  1. Local entities (e.g. county and maybe state parties) where I can exert influence as to how money is spent
  2. Issue oriented groups that represent views I support (e.g. the Ludwig von Mises Institute that promotes sound fiscal policy)
  3. PACs promoted by individuals that I support for national office. For example, were I a Mitt Romney for president person, I would contribute to his PAC because I would want him to use the money to help candidates and build a base of support for a future run for office.
I don't expect that the National Republican Party, Newt Gingrich, et. al.  will quit sending me requests for my money and they should not expect that I will quit writing kind notes back regarding why I'm not funding their continued demagoguery. At least not for the foreseeable future.


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