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City Council 3-Feb-2015: Annexation, D & F Roads, Mid-Year Budget Adjustments

There were 35+ people in attendance, most were scouts. It was a good meeting for them to attend. Brian Braithwaite paused the discussion a couple to times to let them know what why we were discussing a particular item and provided background information.


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  1. Proposed New Piano Purchase:
    Shauna Larsen, Arts Council Chair, provided an update to the council on their progress in raising funds to purchase a new piano for the Community Center. To date they have raised about $4,000 but need a total of $13,000 to $20,000 to purchase a grand. This estimate was provided by Brigham Larson a piano technical and store owner – I happen to know Brigham well and he is someone I would trust completely in this regard.

    Shauna would like for the city to contribute funds help with this purchase. The council felt that it would be best if the funds could be raised from residents and local businesses. Brian felt that the Fling would be a good fund raising opportunity for this and we asked that Arts Council continue to work on raising money and report back in May on their progress.


  1. MOTION: Minutes for the January 13, 2015 City Council Work Session. Approved unanimously with minor changes

  2. MOTION: Minutes for the January 20, 2015 City Council Regular Meeting. Approved unanimously with minor changes


  1. RESOLUTION: Intent to Annex 37.18 acres of Real Property - Northeast Corner of Highland Boulevard and 11800 North. The property owner would like to develop the indicated property and have it be annexed by Highland.

    2015-02-02 Highland Oaks Annexation map

    Accepting the intent to annex allows city staff to file the appropriate paperwork to proceed with the annexation process which includes a public notice period that allows anyone to protest this action.. Formal approval by the council at a later date must be granted before the annexation is granted. My only question was regarding the discrepancy between acreage indicated the intent to annex drawing (40.33) and the written documentation (37.15 acres). Since there is no downside to approving this the intent to annex was unanimously approved.

  2. MOTION: Selection of Consultant to Prepare Cost Projection for D and F Roads – King Engineering. The council unanimously approved the $12,600 proposal to:

    1) V
    isually assessing all of the J-U-B Engineers D and F rated Highland roadways
    2) Develop individual recommended rehabilitation or reconstruction strategies and a corresponding opinion of probable construction cost for each road to redress the specific distresses and deterioration issues involved.
    3) The probable cost will be based upon typical industry standard costs King Engineering has gathered during the past construction season (2014) along the Wasatch Front.
    4) Submit to Highland City a list of each roadway, its corresponding J-U-B Engineers developed PCI value, the recommended rehabilitation or reconstruction strategy, and an opinion of probable
    construction cost.

    Weather permitting this work is expected to be completed within 2 months.

    There are 15 miles of D-grade roads and 18 miles of F.
    Earlier (2012) estimates to fix the D and F roads ranged from $18M to $19M.

    2012 Road Cost by Grade
    There is some concern regarding the accuracy of 2012 Road Study estimates. For example, Devirl Barfuss reviewed the 9600N rebuild executed in 2013. The road study estimated the cost of the project to be $350,000 while the actual cost was a little less than $110,000. The opposite occurred on Manor Drive. See below for a sampling of recent road projects. A relook at the D & F road cost estimated is warranted.





    Est. $

    Act. $

    % of Est.

    9600 N


    Rebuild Rebuild




    10400 N


    Mill Overlay Micro Surf




    BH Blvd


    Chip Seal Micro Surf




    Manor Dr


    Chip Seal Rebuild









    * $38,075 is contracted patch work. Surface seal will be at least an additional $29,000.
    ** The $182,822 includes $36,158 for 600+ feet of new sidewalk and tree pruning.

    If you want to become a little more informed on roads I recommend reading three short articles. I’m listing them in order of importance. (1) "
    Pavement Condition Index (PCI) 101", describes the rating system used to identify "the maintenance and rehabilitation needs of roads and help ensure that road maintenance budgets are spent wisely."  (2) "Pavement Preservation Stretches Ailing Road Budgets" discusses some of the road maintenance options which help preserve roads and reduce the cost of maintaining them. (3)  "Micro Surfacing Overcomes Road Failure Challenges", talks about one of the treatments used by Highland to maintain roads.

  3. MOTION: Recommended Mid-Year Budget Adjustments - Fiscal Year 2014-2015. Gary LeCheminant, city finance director, reviewed the proposed mid-year adjustments to the city budget. After a discussion which included both Brian and Tim asking the the staff allocations be reviewed to ensure that costs are allocated to enterprise funds and the various departments for those who split their time Gary agreed to review and then present the final recommendations at the next council meeting.


  • I asked about two items (1) the status of correcting the bike sign on Alpine Hwy and (2) status of complete cost estimates for a maintenance building on the Town Center property. Nathan will be meeting with MAG this week and will bring up the sign and indicated that an engineer is working on a site improvement plan and the mayor is working on the building.

  • Jessie asked if there had been any indication from the Jordan Valley Water District as to whether or not they would be interested in selling the land adjacent to the planned park maintenance building. The mayor has had some contact but no definitive response yet.

  • We discussed finalizing the Open Space property sale with Canterbury. The primary question was if Nathan had the latitude to negotiate final terms with the residents without meeting with council in executive sessions. Our attorney indicated that the items in question (payment terms) was within the scope of what could be negotiated outside of an executive session.



by / Owner

Due Date


Certified Impact Fee – Completed Report

City Council
Nathan Crane

1st quarter
of 2015

Zion's Bank approved – report in progress

Impact Facilities Plan

City Council

1st qtr. 2015

In Progress

Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16 Prioritize and Communicate to Residents

City Council


Jon King to review and provide report with estimated costs for D & F roads.

Determine Park Use For Recreation

City Council

1st qtr. 2015

Staff to make recommendations

HW Bldg. – PW Storage Status

City Council


Getting cost estimates for Town Center site.

SR74 Median at Pebble Lane Subdivision




Arts Council – New Piano

Arts Council

May 2015

Update on fund raising.


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