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City Council 17-Feb-2015: Republic Waste, Public Safety District Agreement, Budget Amendments

12 residents attended the council meeting this week. One stayed through the entire meeting. I did not get her name but thank you for coming and for your comments near the end of the meeting.


  1. Public Comment: None


  1. Charlie Greenland presented poster of an aerial photograph of Highland City from 1958. Abe Day, a member of the planning commission, helped put it together. It has a key that can be used to identify the homes and who lived there. About 21 of the homes remaining standing today. Copies can be ordered from Mr. Greenland.
    Phone: 801-766-6624

  2. 1958 Aeriel Photo of HIghland

Consent Items

  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for City Council Work Session – February 3, 2015. Approved with minor changes

  2. MOTION: Final Plat Approval – Dry Creek Highlands Phase 6. Approved with changes to changes to the motion language suggested by Brian Braithwaite dealing with the term city engineer. Note, we currently contract out engineering services as we have not replaced the prior city engineer.

    Ivory Dry Creek Phase 6 overview

    Ivory Dry Creek Phase 6 detail

  3. MOTION: Acceptance of Right-of-Way – 6400 West from Quentin H. White. Mr. White has filed a Quit Claim on the portion of his land that is presently on 6400 W. The council accepted the quit claim. See the area in red below:

    6400 W Property


  1. Budget Amendments – 2014/2015 Fiscal Year Budgets. There were no comments from the public on the recommended adjustments. The only meaningful change from the adjustments proposed at the last council meeting were the reallocation of shared resource costs to better reflect how time was being spent.


  1. Resolution: Mid-Year Budget Adjustments. They was unanimously approved after the adjustment presentation by Gary LeCheminant (finance director).

  2. Motion:  Approval of Contract Extension – Republic Service/Allied Waste. The council unanimously approved the contract extension. Note, I did a financial analysis of the comparative information provided by staff. Centerville and N. Salt Lake were the closest cities with similar services. Centerville is paying 21% more than the proposed renewal contract and N. Salt Lake 6% less. Given the favorable year over year price increases in the proposed Republic contract and the good service they are providing I didn’t feel that it was worth taking staff time to go through a bidding process. I shared the analysis with council members prior to the meeting.

    Here’s the comparative information provided by staff:

    Highland City Trash Analysis

  3. RESOLUTION: Recordation of New Easements – Country French Estates Plats A & B. The council was asked to amend the easement along the periphery of Country French Estates to eliminate the trail easement but retain the public utility easement. The is a housekeeping issue  as the city trail master plan was modified in 2012 by the city council to eliminate the proposed trail because of constructability issues. After a fair amount of discussion that included comments from attending residents the council unanimously approved the change.

    The easement is shown in red in the drawing below:


    The eliminated trail is shown in blue and white on the center left portion of the map below:

    Highland City Trails Map

  4. MOTION: Approval for New Phone System – Rocky Mountain Voice & Data. Two bids were provided to replace the current phone system, which is no longer supported and on its last legs. One of the proposals was to upgrade the current Cisco system and the other was to put in a new Shoretel system. The costs were roughly comparable but from an ease of use stand-point the Shoretel system was the staffs overwhelming favorite. The council approved the Shoretel bid.

  5. MOTION: Amending Interlocal Agreement – Lone Peak PSD. The public safety board recommended that the current inter-local agreement be revised to require a 2 year notice period to leave the district. The motion was approved 4 to 1. Dennis LeBaron opposed the motion. My point of view was that breaking up the district, especially the fire district, would be somewhat complicated because of the amount of shared equipment and that the extra time could be needed to sort out the issues if one party were to leave the district. Note, Alpine seemed to be the driver of the extension request. They initially proposed a 4 year notice period. No council member favored that length of time.


  • Nathan let us know that the updated impact fees will be ready for discussion in March.

  • We had a lengthy but not very productive discussion on the park maintenance building. Net/Net we need more information on construction options and costs. Staff should have something by next council meeting.

Pending Action Items

Description Requested
by / Owner
Due Date Status

Certified Impact Fee – Completed Report

City Council
Nathan Crane

1st quarter
of 2015

Zion's Bank approved – report in progress

Impact Facilities Plan

City Council

1st qtr. 2015

In Progress

Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16 Prioritize and Communicate to Residents

City Council


November – emailed for clarification. Based on approved plan we should have updated info by May.

Determine Park Use For Recreation

City Council

1st qtr. 2015

Staff to make recommendations

HW Bldg. – PW Storage Status

City Council


In progress – item 8s above

SR74 Median at Pebble Lane Subdivision


Arts Council – New Piano

Arts Council May

We will get another progress report in May.


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