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City Council 2-Jun-2015: Park Maintenance Building, Highland Blvd and 11800 N Intersection

Highland Logo120+ residents attended the council meeting the majority were there to indicate opposition to the proposed Park Maintenance building located in Town Center South East of the police station. Many of the rest were there to ask for something to be done at the intersection of Highland Blvd and 11800 N where a recent fatal accident occurred. The accident was a result of a driver pulling out from 11800 N to turn left (south) onto Highland Blvd. Unfortunately, the driver pulled out right in front of a north bound vehicle on Highland Blvd which struck the turning vehicle.

2015-06-02 Highland Blvd 11800N


  • Public Comment: 6 residents spoke to the Highland Blvd/11800 N intersection issue. Most were requesting a light be installed at the intersection. The speakers included the grandmother of the fatally injured driver, a resident who was injured in a nearly identical accident 3 years ago, and her sister.

Consent ITEMS

  1. MOTION: Ratifying the Mayor’s Appointments to the Highland City History Committee – Brenda Thurgood and Donna Kitchen.. Unanimously approved.


  1. AMENDED BUDGET: Fiscal year 2014-2015. The finance director reviewed the changes to the budget since the last budget workshop Here are the major bullets:

    Changes to 2014-15 Projections:
    •  General Fund revenue change +$343,894
    •  General Fund expense change +$7,893

    Click here to see the current year updated budget details.

    The mayor opened the public hearing for comment but there were no comments at that time.  There were however, comments from the public during the subsequent council discussion.

Action Items

  1. RESOLUTION: Approval of Amended Budget - Fiscal Year 2014-2015. Unanimously approved with no discussion. Note, this does not mean members of the council did not previously discuss this with the finance director. It means simply that everyone understood and agreed.
  2. MOTION: Park Maintenance Building - Conditional Use Permit. Following a presentation by Nathan Crane on the issue (click here to review the excellent presentation) I immediately moved to withdraw our application to build the park maintenance building in Town Center which was immediately seconded by Tim Irwin. Although it was obvious that the council was in unanimous support Brian asked that we discuss the matter briefly. Each council member had the opportunity to discuss share their view. Mine was that I had made a personal commitment to not override any planning committee recommendation (they recommended against approving the conditional use permit) unless there were extenuating  circumstances. In this case, was while there was a fair of amount inaccurate information circulating, there were other viable and solutions to be considered. For example, outsourcing mowing and trimming which would significantly reduce the amount of storage space required and give us additional options. Following the discussion the council unanimously supported the motion to withdraw the application to build the part maintenance facility on the Town Center property.

    Town Center Proposed Park Maint Bldg Location

Mayor, City Council and staff communication items

  • Highland Blvd. & 11800 North: Staff recommended that we engage two separate firms to create an Operational Safety Report (these review accident history, traffic patterns, intersection design …) on the intersection and then after reviewing the independent reports make a decision on whether to do a street light warrant report. The council concurred. One benefit to this approach is that if a street light study is warranted then by the time it is started school will be in session so that the traffic counts will more accurately reflect what the intersection looks like most of the year.

    In the meantime city personnel with look at restriping any portion of the intersection that need it.

    Some items of note. The city owns the Highland Blvd from SR 92 north to the middle of the 11800 intersection. The county owns the entire road from the intersection north to the Draper boarder and then Draper own the remainder. Between 2025 and 2035 (or 2040) plans exists to widen the entire road to 4 lanes.


  • The sale of real property Pursuant to Section 52-4-205(1)(e) of the Utah State Code Annotated.

  • The character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual. Pursuant to Section 52-4-205(1)(a) of the Utah State Code Annotated.

Pending Action Items

Description Requested
by / Owner
Due Date Status

Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16 Prioritize and Communicate to Residents

City Council


Initial estimates for repairing the D&F roads are at ~$18M

HW Bldg. – PW Storage

City Council

end of 2015

In progress. Town Center location is off the table

Determine Park Use For Recreation

City Council


Staff to make recommendations

SR74 Median at Pebble Lane Subdivision



Median to be removed

Building use Policy and Fees

Rod Mann

3rd qtr. 2015

Gathering information


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