Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Really Peaks the Interest of Highland Residents

I thought you might find it interesting to see the relative popularity of my Highland City posts during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Below is a chart of the showing the top and bottom five posts in terms of numbers of views:

2016-07-30 Highland Post Stats

The East-West Corridor post had by far the most views (35% more than the 2nd place post and 663% more than the bottom post). Of the top five posts 3 of them were Blackstone related. Blackstone is the name of the townhome development which will be built south of Ridley’s and to the west of Artic Circle and Ace Hardware.

Three of the bottom five posts, including the least viewed post, were budget related. The other two were town center (post the Blackstone decision) and road related.

Below is a complete table showing the stats for all 28 Highland related posts on my blog sorted by most to least popular:

Post TitleComments Views Date
Highland East-West Connector History 2 603 11-May-16
Is Utah County Prop 1 Good or Bad for Highland? 5 446 21-Oct-15
CC: 15-Sep-2015: Blackstone, Dry Creek Track, Highland Blvd and 11800 N Intersection 0 370 18-Sep-15
CC: 21-Jul-2015: Blackstone townhome project, Dry Creek Phase 3 trail, maintenance of parks 0 370 29-Jul-15
CC 25-Aug-2015: Town Center Overlay Changes Workshop 7 361 31-Aug-15
CC 5-Apr-2016: Utility Rate Study, Library Re-write 0 344 10-May-16
CC 07-Jun-2016: Edge Homes, Bike Trail, Multiple Re-Zoning Requests both Commercial and Residential 3 313 26-Jun-16
CC 1-Sep-2015: Public Works Heroes, Blackstone, Highland Oaks, Highland Blvd-11800 N Intersection 4 308 15-Sep-15
Curious about the 2015 Election in Highland? 8 301 11-Nov-15
CC 2-Feb-2016: Moratorium on Final Plat Approvals N of 11800 N 0 290 17-Feb-16
Issues and Answers 26-May-2016: East-West Connector and State Land 1 271 27-May-16
CC 19-Apr-2016: Roads Work Session, Spring Creek Park–Sell Land, R-1-30 Zone 0 270 19-May-16
CC 6-Oct-2015: Open Space Prop Sale, Mass Notification System, Town Center Work Session 2 260 20-Oct-15
CC 04-Aug-2015: Town Center Moratorium 2 245 18-Aug-15
CC 16-Feb-2016: Utility Rates, Park Land Purchase, 11800 N/Highland Blvd 0 239 24-Feb-16
Meet the Candidates Event 22-Oct-2015: Video links and brief 5 211 27-Oct-15
Issues and Information: Meet the Candidates 10-Sep-2015 0 211 26-Sep-15
CC 01-Dec-2015: Family Cemeteries, Blackstone, and Murdoch Connector 0 204 31-Dec-15
CC 15-Mar-2016: Annual Report, City Survey, Annexation, Apple Creek (Town Center Project), Utility Rate and Skydrop sprinkler controller 2 168 5-Apr-16
CC 17-Nov-2015: Family Cemeteries, Park Bond Refinance, Final Election Result Certification 0 168 1-Dec-15
CC 05-Jan-2016: 11800 N Intersection Study, Utility Rate Study 0 152 20-Jan-16
Utah Property Taxes: What Is A Certified Tax Rate? 0 147 14-Jun-16
CC 19-Jan-2016: Work Sessions, Utility Rate, Road Reconstruction, Annual Deer Report, Road Work, Canyon Resolution, Severance Pay 0 142 20-Feb-16
CC 17-May-2016: Tentative Budget, Mortuary Conditional Use Modification 0 114 14-Jun-16
PSD 31-Mar-2016: 2016-17 Budgets 0 105 27-Apr-16
Highland Road Study Open House Review 0 101 27-Jun-16
CC 20-Oct-2015: Town Center Work Session, Dry Creek Trail, Private Cemeteries 0 97 17-Nov-15
CC 14-Jun-2016: 16-17 Budget, Utility Rate Increases 0 79 27-Jun-16
CC: City Council Meeting
PSD: Public Safety District Board Meeting

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