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City Council 20-Sep-2016: Bike Trail Completed, 2017 Utility Projects, Code Enforcement, PI Rate Discussion

There were less than ten residents present. One stayed through the entire meeting (thanks). We approved two final plats one R-1-30 and one R-1-40.  As lot sizes continue to be topical I have started to put plat approvals into a Google Spreadsheet so that I can better understand the issue. Below is a chart and table that summarizes the data I’ve collected so far:

Please share your opinion as to what constitutes a “large lot” by voting in the poll below. Feel free to add comments.

In a survey conducted earlier this year the most frequently cited reason for living in Highland was large lots. The city now has three residential zones; which one meets your minimum criteria for large lots? free polls

Council Meeting AGENDA / MINUTES

Public Comment

  • The coach of the Lone Peak mountain bike team thanked the city for their help in creating a mountain bike and walking trail system (click here to see a presentation of the plan). They want to have an opening ceremony in October. It is already being used by residents and the team. The coach was willing to help mitigate the issue facing  a resident on the south side of the trail system (see next bullet).
    2016-06-07 Bike Trails Eagle Scout Project[5]

  • One resident spoke to an issue regarding a small parking lot that provides access to a new bike and walking trail system north of the lot. The parking lot was recently cleaned up and striped by the city to support the trail system (which was created by volunteers). Her home is on the lot immediately to the right of the parking lot (the google map photo was taken before their home was built). Her complaint is that youth are parking in this lot before school, in the afternoon and evening and doing drugs, having sex … all in view of her young kids. The problem is not new but seems to have increased with the clean-up of the parking lot. She brought a petition signed by her neighbors asking that the problem be addressed. Their preferred solution is to close the lot.
    We discussed other options increased police patrols, signage, installing a camera. Staff will look into the situation and come back with recommendations to the council. The Lone Peak Mountain bike team uses the north parking lot. The Mitchell Hollow parking lot can also be used to access the trail. However, the issue being experienced is really not caused by trail users.
    2016-09-20 Canterbury Dr Parking Lot


  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for the City Council Regular Session – September 6, 2016. Approved unanimously. Click here to view the minutes.

  2. MOTION: Final Plat Approval for a 9 lot single family residential subdivision, located at 11580 North 6000 West – Gable Ridge. Approved unanimously. Note Gable Ridge is an R-1-30 development. Average lot size 0.71 acres, min 0.46, max 1.54.  Click here for more details.
    2016-09-20 Gable Ridge Final Plat

  3. MOTION: Final Plat Approval for a 10 lot single family residential subdivision, located at approximately 6700 West (Dry Creek Lane) 11900 North (Woodleaf Lane) - Ivory, Dry Creek Highland 8. Note, the limit on the number of lots that can be below 30,000 sq. ft. applies to the entire subdivision not a single phase such as Dry Creek 8. Approved unanimously. Note, these homes are part of a R-1-40 development. Average lot size 0.71 acre, min 0.69, max 0.75. Click here for more details.
    2016-09-20 Dry Creek 8 Final Plat


  1. MOTION: Capital Improvement and Annual Maintenance Projects – Public Works Enterprise Funds. The following items from our utility maintenance and capital plans were not put in the original 2016-17 budget because the utility rate changes were finalized on the same night the budget was passed (see notes from the 14-Jun-2016 council meeting). Staff needed to see how much money we had to work with before finalizing the 2016-17 project list. Some of these projects (total $1, 331,704) may or may not need to be executed but all of them are funded by existing reserves, the increased utility fees, and/or impact fees.
    • $290,000 Canal Blvd 12” water line: We had this in last year’s budget because we thought the east-west road would start construction last year. It is possible that the east west road (click here for a history of this road) will be approved in the coming legislative session. Talk to your representatives whatever your view. The water line upgrade will be needed to support development of the land south of Lone Peak High School. It does not make sense to build a road then a couple years later tear it up to upgrade the water line. On the chance that the road will be built we need to include this in the budget.
    • $67,275 View Pointe Booster Station Dedicated Generator: This was addressed in the utility rate study and maintenance plan.
    • $4,140 Flow Meters in Upper Station: Replace existing flow meters that are old and not reading accurately.
    • $5,175 Gantry Crane: Crane will be installed 11800 N pump station to help facilitate removal and repair of existing pumps.
    • $82,800 CUP #1 Filter Station Upgrade: Staff is currently working with Hansen, Allen & Luce to evaluate our current design versus newer PI filter station models.
    • $36,225 Lift Station Grinder - Pheasant Hollow Sewer Lift Station: Grinders are designed to chew up any debris before it enters the pump station. This will help avoid serious damage to the pumps and prolong their life.
    • $15,525 Sewer Lift Station VFD's / Soft Starts - Greens at the Highlands: Will help prolong the life of the pump by starting them gradually and bringing them up to full speed. This will also help with some of the power demands.
    • $136,620 Pheasant Hollow and Hidden Oaks Concrete Sewer Pipe: We anticipate that these funds will be accrued from year to year. This will accrue until there is funding available to do the entire project.
    • $790,564 12" Pipe Replacement (Central Service Area): Staff is currently conducting studies to determine which of three locations would be the best candidate for the upsizing this fiscal year. This cost will be impact fee related.
    • $40,000 Sump Replacement: Replacement and upgrade of two sumps that are currently not functioning efficiently. We will install the new ones to our current standards.


  • Code Enforcement – Nathan Crane, City Administrator. The discussion centered around proactively doing code enforcement when violations create a safety hazard for neighbors. Staff come back with a list of code violations that pose a safety danger to neighborhood (uncut grass on empty lot becomes a fire hazard) and a process for reporting them using current staff.
  • Pressurized Irrigation Utility Rate – Mayor Mark Thompson. Some residents with large lots +2 acres have complained that they believe their utility rates were raised disproportionately and/or that the portion of the rate that is based on lot size pays for items which should be included in the base rate (per connection fee). Staff did provide information on how the rates were determined but will review and come back with additional information. It was a lengthy discussion. My personal view is that if there are items that are clearly in error and have a significant impact we should look to fix them. However, we have to recognize that as part of this decision we already determined that we would create tiered rates based on location to cover the increased cost of pumping water to higher elevation areas. Also, there will always be perceived unfairness the rates depending on someone’s perspective so we should be careful about making adjustments. Tim suggested that any changes be done during the budget cycle.
  • I asked about follow-up on the maintenance of the two homes owned by the city (they were purchased several years ago in furtherance of the east-west connector). The Christmas lights have been removed and areas of high grass have been knocked down.
    Before / After: (front with and without Christmas lights)
    2016-09-20 house 1 before
    2016-09-20 House 1 after
    Before / After (with and without knee high weeds, grass and small trees)
    2016-09-20 house 2 before
    2016-09-20 House 2 after



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Due Date


Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16. Prioritize and Communicate to Residents

City Council

Oct 2016

Study underway

Election Policy City Council/
Jody Bates
Jan 2017 In progress

Determine Park Use for Recreation

City Council
Parks Staff


In progress

HW Bldg. – PW Storage Status

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In progress.Land purchase under discussion.

Options for Fire & Police Mayor ?


Employee Pay Rate and Benefit Comparison Mayor & City Council Jan 2017 Council action in Aug.


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