Saturday, October 14, 2017

East-West Connector–What Can You Do Today?


The East-West or Murdock Connector is a road which has been under discussion for about 40 years. When built, it will connect N. County Parkway (4800 W) with Alpine Hwy (5300 W) south of Lone Peak High School.

The land between Lone Peak HS and the Developmental Center is owned by the state. The city has been attempting to get approval for over 8 years to build the road where indicated.

Earlier this year the Utah State Development Board approved the following:

“that the USDC Governing Board make a resolution to the Utah State Legislature. Request that the Legislature authorize the USDC Governing Board permission to move forward with development of the entire 143 Master Plan Acreage. Stipulate, that as the design process moves forward, that design proposals will be brought back to the Governing Board for review and approval.
1. As a part of that resolution, they moved that Central Connector Road (also known as the Murdock Connector Road) be approved with the following request:
a. Limit the speed to 25 mph.
b. Central Connector Road will have 2 lanes, with no center turn lane.
c. Bike lanes will be added along both sides of the road.
d. No roadside parking.”

What can you do now?

Contact your state legislators. Here is a list:

  • Mike Kennedy, state representative, district 27 (Alpine, Cedar Hills, Highland),, 801-358-2362
  • Kay Christofferson, state representative, district 56 (American Fork, Highland, Lehi),, 801-592-5709
  • Brian Greene, state representative, district 57 (Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove), 801-358-1338
  • Jake Anderegg, state senator, district 13 (Highland),, 801-901-3580
  • Dan Hemmert, state senator, district 14 (Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove),, 801-380-8262.
  • Margaret Dayton, state senator, district 15 (Pleasant Grove),,  801-221-0623.

They are all good representatives and are willing to listen to your point of view. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Again, whatever your view, please be respectful.

You can also sign, and encourage your friends and neighbors to click here and sign an petition supporting construction of the road.

Learn more!

Here is a list of articles you can read to learn more about the road:

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