Saturday, February 16, 2019

Highland City 2018 Road Projects Review

Road WorkDuring 2018 we executed the first year of our 7-year road rehabilitation and preservation plan. A few changes were made to the scheduled projects due to changing circumstances as shown below. Our big project for the year, 6000 W, was completed on time but ran overbudget ($200,000) when we discovered that the asphalt on the north end was 2 inches thinner than we realized and the road base adjacent to Highland Elementary School was deficient. In spite of this we finished the year $17.3K  over our $1.5M budget (1.2% ). Not bad!

Below is the 2018 cost and project count summary:

Here is the list of specific projects executed showing the planned treatment vs. the actual treatment applied or deferred status.

For 2019 staff may be swapping a few 2019 roads projects with those scheduled for 2020 in order to accommodate residential development and sewer projects which are still in flux at the moment. Doing so will save the city money in the long run. Once the 2019 list is finalized we will share it with you.

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