Friday, March 22, 2019

Traffic Count and Speed Analysis for Canal Blvd at 5800 West

2019-03-20 Canal Blvd and 5800 W

When I ran for office in 2017 I spoke with a resident who lived on Canal Blvd and had concerns about speed. I committed to asking staff to do a traffic count and speed analysis. Staff did and I provided the summary  information they gave me to the resident. Residents are again expressing concern about traffic issues and potential traffic issues on Canal Blvd with the impending expansion of Canal Blvd to the East (the East-West connector) so I thought I would share the traffic information we collected in a more useful form. Note, I’ve probably spent over 20 hours putting this information together.

Below are a couple of tables that summarize the data followed by several charts. Most of the charts show the average number of vehicles traveling at a speed range each day. I broke the day into four block of time midnight to 6, 6 to noon … . There is a column for each block of time in each speed range. I also thought it would be interesting to take a look at weekday vs. weekend traffic information, so there are charts for this information as well.

Counts were taken for eastbound traffic from 10/24/2017 through  11/7/2017 and for westbound from 11/7/2017 through 11/17/2017 near Canal Blvd and 5800 W.

For me, the two most interesting statistics were for following:

  1. Of the 13,061 trips recorded only 36 were over 40 MPH (only 3 were over 45 MPH)
  2. 99.72% of all trips were less than 40 MPH (96.55% were less than 35 MPH)
Additional Information:

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