Friday, October 25, 2019

Crime in Highland, Utah, and the US 2009-2018

Police LightsBelow you will find charts and graphs that show what type of specific types crimes were committed in Highland and Alpine over a 10-year period of time (2009-2018) and how we ranked within the state and nation over that time period. All data came from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting system.

I used a report published in 2010 entitled “The Cost of Crime to Society: New Crime-Specific Estimates for Policy and Program Evaluation” to attach a value to the specific types of crime reported by the FBI. This creates a total cost of crime to a community. At the end of this post are tables from the report that show the costs of  different type of crimes and what these costs were based on.

For the comparison charts I looked only at cities with a population greater than 10,000 (there are about 3,400 in the FBI report). Based on violent crimes our national ranking ranged from 21st to 340th; for property crimes our range was 143rd to 470th. Our 10-year trend is down for both violent and property crimes. our population (Highland + Alpine) grew 21% from 2009 to 2018 based on US Census estimates while our violent and property crime rates dropped by 46% and 60% respectively.

Although we are significantly lower than the national crime rate in all categories there are a couple of items of concern. For Highland the 10-year trends are all down except for two types of crime. Sadly, one of the two is rape, which is also increasing on a state and national level. The other crime on the rise is vehicle theft.

Tangible / Intangible Cost of Crimes

Components of Tangible Costs

Components of Intangible Costs

Thanks to all who help make Highland a wonderful and safe place to live. This includes our residents, schools and teachers, city staff and public safety officers, plus the local businesses who provide us with valued services.


Cost of Crime

Crime Data


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