Sunday, October 13, 2019

Highland Traffic and Speed Count Summary


Traffic in Highland is a concern and will continue to be as the city finishes build out. Our population is approaching 20,000. At build out it looks like we may reach 25,000. In an effort to provide accurate traffic information to residents I have shared information about traffic counts taken at different locations over the last two years. This post compares the results of those counts.

As you can see from the charts below the state roads (Timp. Hwy/SR9, Alpine Hwy/SR74, and North County Blvd/4800 W) carry three to five times the load of the cities busiest collector roads (6000 W and Highland Blvd).

The table below lists traffic counts that Highland City has done since late 2017. Clicking on the links in the first row opens a Google spreadsheet containing the raw data along with summary information and associated charts. The links in the 2nd row will open a Google map showing the location that the counters (tubes) were placed. UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) traffic count data was used for state roads (Alpine Highway, North County Blvd, and Timpanogos Hwy) and  collector roads (Highland Blvd & parts of 6000 W) for which we do not have current counts.

The charts below compare the average number of trips (one vehicle traveling in one direction) per day, the average speed traveled, and the percentage of trips with speed less than 5 mph over the limit, 5 to 10 mph over the limit, and 10 mph over the limit. Any road/road section for which we have UDOT data only will not have any speed info associated with it.

Note, the September 2019 traffic count taken on Canal Blvd was done when the East end of 9600 N was closed due to construction. The primary purpose of the count was to gauge the impact of traffic moving from 9600 N to Canal Blvd.

Traffic Data posts for individual Highland Roads


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