Friday, August 23, 2019

Traffic Count and Speed Analysis for 9600 N at 5900 W

2019-07-31 9600 N and 5900

We collected traffic data and speed information on 9600 N from July 16th through July 30th 2019 at 5900 N (see red markers above).

The table below summarizes the data collected for both east and west bound traffic by speed range. The speed limit on 9600 N is 25 mph.

The charts below show average number of trips (one vehicle traveling in one direction) per day, the average speed traveled, and the percentage of trips with speed less than 5 mph over the limit, 5 to 10 mph over the limit, and 10 mph over the limit. I also thought it would be interesting to take a look at weekday vs. weekend traffic information, so there are charts for this information as well.

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