Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Highland Trails–Eagle Project Improves Trails In N. Canterbury

One of the strengths of our community is unselfishness and service. For example, earlier this year one of our youth, Jonathan Daniels, organized a trail maintenance Eagle project on 1 mile of trail in the Canterbury North neighborhood (this represents about 6% of  the city trails in Highland).

N Canterbury Trail

On the first day of the project ~20 adults and youth cut back the grass, weeded (including spraying goat heads), and cleaned out and filled in the larger cracks in the trail with asphalt provided by the city. Later, Big Red Asphalt and more volunteers sealed the smaller cracks with a rubberized sealant. In all, 76 cracks were repaired by fellow scouters, friends and neighbors who provided a total of 134 hours of service.

In November we recognized Jonathan at a city council meeting and thanked him for his service as well as those who participated in the project. Let me say thanks again! Your work is very much appreciated. If you are aware of anyone helping out in the community let me know so that we can let them know that their service is appreciated.

Below are before & after pictures of the trails that were worked on.

2019-12 Eagle Project Before 1 2019-12 Eagle Project Before 3
2019-12 Eagle Project Before 4 2019-12 Eagle Project Before 6
2019-12 Eagle Project Before 7 2019-12 Eagle Project Before 2
2019-12 Eagle Project After 2 2019-12 Eagle Project After 6
2019-12 Eagle Project After 5 2019-12 Eagle Project After 3
2019-12 Eagle Project After 4 2019-12 Eagle Project After 1

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