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Highland City Council Agenda Preview for Jan 19, 2021

Highland resident Scott Hart returns as Highlander of Utah Lake in his 2-Minute Tuesday that covers the Jan 5th council meeting. His council meeting reviews  are enlightening and entertaining. Subscribe to the Utah’s Highlander YouTube channel to be notified when they are released.

The agenda for our second meeting of the year is pretty light. Unlike our first meeting which ended after midnight this one should finish before 10 PM. Here are the major items that will be covered: 

  • Our financial auditors will review their annual report for the city. We did well with the  exception that some work that is normally completed was delayed due to the time required to replace our financial director. Our previous director left to take a job in California on relatively short notice and it took us several months to find his replacement.
  • On the consent schedule we will approve the funds needed to cover work already underway to repair our two main culinary water wells plus do some work on our pressurized irrigation system.
  • We will discuss proposed changes to our impact fee schedule that will result lower fees to build single family residences in Highland.
  • Staff will review proposed budget adjustments for the year. These will include covering the cost of repairing our culinary water wells, replacing a front-end loader, and COVID related expenses for which we received CARES ACT funding.
  • On a positive note our sales tax revenue is currently tracking to be significantly higher than budgeted. We will watch it as our fiscal year progresses and make adjustments as needed.

This meeting will be held at city hall but there will be limited space because of distancing requirements. We will also stream it on our YouTube channel (click here to watch).  Note, individuals, especially those in a high-risk category, are strongly encouraged to participate in the meeting virtually!

You can find an abbreviated meeting agenda together with my thoughts below. The complete agenda (179 pages) which includes the staff reports associated with each item can be accessed by clicking here.

Highland City Council Agenda
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM council meeting
Virtual Participation

City Council Meeting 6:30 PM (the first 30 minutes will be a closed session)
The time listed at the end of agenda items is my guess as to the start time of this item. Note I am typically optimistic in my time estimates.

    The Highland City Council may temporarily recess the City Council meeting to convene in a closed session to discuss the sale of real property, as provided by Utah Code Annotated §52-4-205

    Time has been set aside for the public to express their ideas, concerns, and comments. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

    1. FY2019-2020 Audit Report – Steve Rowley, Keddington & Christensen

    Items on the consent agenda are of a routine nature or have been previously studied by the City Council. They are intended to be acted upon in one motion. Council members may pull items from consent if they would like them considered separately.
    1. Planning Commission Appointments Administrative
      The Council will consider the Mayor’s request to ratify the appointment of Audrey Moore, Chris Howden, and Mino Morgese to the Planning Commission, with Tyler Standifird as an alternate commissioner. Audrey will be moving from an alternate commissioner to regular seat replacing Chris Kemp. Thanks so much for your excellent service Chris! Chris Howden and Mino are current commissioners who will start new 4-year terms. Tyler will be new to the commission.
    2. Construction Contract: Culinary Well #2 & Well #3 Improvements Administrative
      The City Council will consider a request to approve a contract with Rhino Pumps for $97,950 to replace the pumps in Culinary Well #2 and Well #3.
    3. Construction Contract: Pressure Irrigation Pond Improvements Administrative
      The City Council will consider a request to approve a contract with JLR Contractors for $116,956 to complete improvements at both the upper and lower irrigation ponds, and authorize the City Administrator and City Recorder to execute the necessary contract documents. These will help the city better manage overflow circumstances for both the upper (mouth of the canyon) and lower PI (Canterbury North) ponds.
    4. Construction Contract: Electrical modification at pressure irrigation pump stations Administrative
      The City Council will consider a request to approve a bid with ID Electric to make electric modifications at two pressure irrigation pump stations for $53,580, and authorize the City Administrator and City Recorder to execute the necessary contract documents. The changes are needed to accommodate new pumps.
    5. Construction Contract: 11800 North Split-Case Pump Administrative
      The City Council will consider a request to approve a contract with Rhino Pumps for $34,851 to replace two small pumps with a larger split-case pump to the pressure irrigation pump station at 11800 North. This will provide more pumping capacity to the pump station that supplies water to the upper northwest part of the city.

    The city contracted with Lewis & Young in early 2020 to work with staff to review our impact fees and update our facility plans (with the exception of storm drains), and below is a table of the changes. Note, the Southeast area is the land south of Lone Peak High School the Central area is the remainder of the city. The net effect if implemented would be to  reduce the impact fee on a single family residence by between $207 to $1,324, depending on location.

    Culinary Water - SE Area Only $1,653 $603 ($1,050)
    Pressurized Irrigation $886 $1,881 $995
    Transportation $2,861 $538 ($2,323)
    Sanitary Sewer - Central Area $2,126 $1,155 ($971)
    Sanitary Sewer – SE Area $2,175 $2,108 ($67)
    Parks and Recreation $4,378 $5,854 $1,476
    Public Safety $1,116 $761 ($355)

    Several factors played into the the proposed budget adjusts: the city received about federal CARES act dollars, the amount of seasonal work (parks) is tracking higher than budgeted, it looks like sales tax revenues will be significantly higher than budgeted ... . Below are some of the more significant changes. The agenda has the  complete list:

    • COVID-19 expenses (10-43-50) previously budgeted at $0 will be increased to $1,000,000 to include park restrooms, three vehicles assigned to Public Works, renovation of the front counter at City Hall, ventilating windows at three facilities, PPE and other COVID-related expenses
    • Capital equipment purchases (10-60-59) is being increased from $0 to $137,750 for a front-end loader and backhoe. Note, our front-end load broke down and we needed to replace it. This piece of equipment is used to load salt into our snow plows.
    • Various salary allocations are being increased by a total of $60,289 for leave payouts due to two employees who will be retiring and salaries for their replacements during training
    • Spring Creek Park Construction (GL 40-40-73) is being increased by $65,000 to pay for final expenses on the Spring Creek project.
    • System reconstruction (54-40-25) increased by $120,000 for Broadleaf Hollow reconstruction

    1. Future Meetings
      • January 26, Planning Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • February 2, City Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • February 16, City Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • February 23, City Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall


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