Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Highland City Council Agenda Preview for 30-Mar-2021

2021-03-30 MRP Phase 1

Here’s a link to the video overview of our previous council meeting by Utah’s Highlander. For tonight’s meeting there are a number of interesting agenda items including:

  • Millhaven Development Agreement
  • Mountain Ridge Park
  • Equestrian Center Park cost estimates
  • 2021-22 Budget Initial Presentation

This meeting will be held at city hall but there will be limited space because of distancing requirements. We will also stream it on our YouTube channel (click here to watch).  Note, individuals, especially those in a high-risk category, are strongly encouraged to participate in the meeting virtually!

You can find an abbreviated meeting agenda together with my thoughts below. The complete agenda (118 pages) which includes the staff reports associated with each item can be accessed by clicking here.

Highland City Council Agenda
Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 7:00 PM council meeting
Virtual Participation

The time and duration listed at the end of agenda items is my guess as to the start time of this item and how long it will run..

    Time has been set aside for the public to express their ideas, concerns, and comments. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

  2. PRESENTATIONS 7:20 (20 minutes)

    1. Water Outlook – Ernie John
  3. CONSENT ITEMS  7:40 PM (20 minutes)
    Items on the consent agenda are of a routine nature or have been previously studied by the City Council. They are intended to be acted upon in one motion. Council members may pull items from consent if they would like them considered separately.

    1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2021 Administrative
    2. RESOLUTION: Authorizing Utah County to Administer the 2021 Municipal Elections Administrative Administrative.
      The City Council will consider authorizing the Interlocal Agreement for Utah County to administer the 2021 Municipal Election. Note, the county cost is about $56K for a primary and general election. Our cost estimate for the same is $75K. State law currently requires that all voters receive a mail-in ballot. The county’s system for processing them is more accurate than ours would be.
    3. OPEN SPACE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: Chamberry Fields Plat B Lot #110 Administrative
      The council has previous indicated they are in favor of this. We needed to wait for proper neighborhood notification which is now completed. No resident input was received.
    4. RESOLUTION: Declaration of Surplus Property Legislative
      The Council will consider a request to declare 2,433 square feet of property surplus for the purpose of selling the property to WPI for a commercial retail building.
    5. MINOR SUBDIVISION FINAL PLAT: Highland Town Plaza Subdivision Administrative
      This is a boundary clean-up for existing lots and the formation of a third lot to facilitate the construction of another retail pad west of Fizz.
    6. ACTION: Real Estate Purchase Contract Legislative
      The City Council will consider a Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) to purchase 0.30 acres located at 10058 North 6000 West, Highland, Utah for a future pressurized irrigation facility for the amount of $125,000. The council has discussed this previously and believes it is a win/win agreement. The property owner had previously looked at splitting his lot to create a second buildable lot. There were significant issues with the because of the nature of the property. However, the property can be be beneficially used in the future by the city for a pressurized irrigation pump station due to its proximity to the Murdock Canal pipe.
    7. PRELIMINARY/FINAL PLAT CONCURRENT REVIEW: Highland Marketplace Phase 2 Administrative
      The council will review a preliminary/final plat for Highland Marketplace. See layout below:
      2021-03-30 Highland Marketplace
    8. ACTION: Approve and authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with Rock Canyon Excavation for construction of the 2021 Sump Replacement Project for $61,354 Administrative This is part of an ongoing project to upgrade our storm sewer sumps.The three sumps being upgraded are in roads that are being worked on this year or next.
    9. ORDINANCE – Amendment to Section 19.5 Maternity Leave of the Highland City Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual Administrative This policy change has been reviewed by council members and is one that they have indicated they approve.

  4. PUBLIC HEARING: Plat Amendment – Cobblewood Estates Lots 6 and 7 Administrative. 8:00 (10 minutes)
    The City Council will hold a public hearing to consider a request by Craig Hassell to amend the Cobblewood Estates Subdivision to combine Lots 6 and 7 located at 11356 and 11334 N Avondale Lane. This is a straightforward request and should be resolved quickly.
  5. SITE PLAN: Highland Town Plaza West Pad Administrative 8:10 (20 minutes)
    The City Council will consider a request by Daniel Schmidt on behalf of WPI Enterprises, Inc., for approval of a Site Plan of a retail building located at approximately 5513 West 11000 North. The City Council will take appropriate action.

  6. ACTION: Development Agreement Approval Legislative 8:30 (15 minutes)

    The Hollows is a 68-lot subdivision generally located at 6531 West and 10250 North. The Council approved the Final Plat on February 16, 2021 Council meeting. As part of the subdivision improvements, Millhaven Homes will be constructing three public
    improvement projects that require reimbursement from the City. These projects are:

    • Madison Avenue - $1,263,358: This cost will be paid from our transportation impact that we have been collecting over the years.
    • 10200 North - $33,711: The road was not constructed to local street standard and needs to be revise. The funds will come out of our street budget.
    • Mercer Hollow Trail – $167,438: Funding could come out of county tax funds we receive for roads and trails. Council will need to determine where. It is possible that in the future we could be reimbursed for this by MAG as this trail is on the approved county trail master plan. We can submit a request this fall to request future funding.
  7. ACTION: Approval of Mountain Ridge Park Phase I: Construction Drawings and Going to Bid Administrative 8:45 PM (30 minutes)
    The city currently has $2.46M available to be used for the park construction. Staff has come up with the follow estimates for what can done for this amount of funds;

    Park ElementsEstimated Cost
    Construction Plans Completion and Bid Assistance$100,000
    10400 North and Site Improvements$1,200,000
    Parking Lot$135,000
    All-Abilities Playground Phase I$295,000
    4 Pickleball Courts$423,000

    The following additive elements will also be included with the construction drawing and bid package.

    Additive ElementsEstimated Cost
    Site Improvements (depending on additive)$198,000
    East Parking Lot$202,000
    All-Abilities Playground Phase II (includes site improvements)$135,000
    4 Pickleball Courts$416,000

  8. DISCUSSION: Estimated Costs Associated with Equestrian Property 9:15 PM (20 minutes)
    Staff will present the estimated costs associated with operating a park on the Equestrian Property. No action will be taken.

  9. DISCUSSION: Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget Presentation 9:35 PM (20 minutes)
    Staff will present the new format for the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget. No action will be taken.


    1. Future Meetings
      • April 13, City Council Work Session, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • April 14, Lone Peak Public Safety District Meeting 7:30 am, City Hall
      • April 20, City Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Hall
      • April 27, Planning Commission, 7:00 pm City Hall
      • April 28, Lone Peak Public Safety District Meeting 7:30 am, City Hall
  11. Closed Session 10:15 (30 minutes)
    The Highland City Council may temporarily recess the City Council meeting to convene in a closed session to discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual, as provided by Utah Code Annotated §52-4-205.


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