Monday, May 31, 2010

Why I'm Supporting Tim Bridgewater for Senate

As a state delegate I had a chance to interact with all of the candidates for the US Senate. I spent the most time with Cherilyn Eager, Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater. Each of these candidates were ones I could have supported because of their similar views on the role of government and the US Constitution. I decided to support Tim for the following reasons:
  • He is a doer: I saw in Tim someone who is a problem solver. I could see in his past a person who when he see's a problem works hard to create a solution. I saw many examples of this in all aspects of his life (helped start a charter school to help his children and the community at large, worked to reduce the impact of No Child Left Behind on Utah ...). This attribute is most likely a large contributor to his success in business.
  • He serves others: Tim has spent a significant amount of time on a "volunteer basis" helping to better our community and state. From coaching little league to working on education issues for the state for a year he has used the time and money his business success has provided him in positive ways.
  • He is positive: He is always positive and upbeat. I have not heard him make derogatory remarks about any of his opponents. This showed in his convention speeches, especially the 2nd and 3rd round speeches (YouTube links: round 1, round 2, round 3). Note, Holly on the Hill posted Mike Lee's correlating speeches on her blog if you want to compare.
Tim's support for the US Constitution from an originalist perspective and his broad range of business and political experience will allow him to be an effective advocate in Washington. His business experience will give him instant credibility on the impact of policies on the real world. The opposition is not so much interested in what the framers thought about a particular issue in the 18th century as how their voters are impacted by decisions. If someone can articulate how the adoption of a constitutional / free market principle benefits them in the world today they will have a greater chance of being a positive influence now. The problems we face are multidimensional. Tim's experiences will allow him address them from multiple perspectives.

Tim is a success story today and is grounded in the reality that was part of his upbringing. This will help him resist the corrosive influence of power and fame that over time corrupt politicians of every stripe.

I'm proud to be a Tim supporter and would be delighted to share additional thoughts on Tim with my fellow precinct members (or anyone else) at any time.

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