Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Miracle and Hopefully Yours

I wrote the the following poem for my wife years ago and rededicate it to my wonderful companion this Mother’s Day. A better mother for our children does not exist. I hope everyone I know thinks the same about their companion.

Sunset on Wailea Maui

My Miracle

As it touches the edge of the world
the sun explodes
sending thousands of glowing particles through the air
Clouds burst into flame
and then slowly fade away.

The sea flickers as if covered with golden sequins.

Men cry because beauty is gone,
yearn for days gone by,
doubt God’s existence
and seek for a miracle.

Happiness lies not in the past,
nor is it hidden in the future.

Look, and miracles blossom all around.
Listen and God speaks.
.Be thankful and blessings abound.

You are my miracle!

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