Saturday, May 26, 2012

Senator Hatch Ratings Overview

Having listened to and read many claims regarding Senator Hatch’s record I thought I would organize a summary of a number of them so interested parties can easily find the information. I used Project Vote Smart to find those groups with the most recent ratings in the Conservative and Family Issues categories and then recorded the Senator’s ratings as far back as they provided them. Note, the Eagle Forum did not have a rating available for 1999 which is why there is a gap in their rating.

Each organization that rates congress identifies key votes on issues that they care about and uses them to rate members of congress. The rating then reflects how a member of congress performed against a limited set of votes. You can go to each group to find out which votes they considered (I’ve put links to them at the bottom of the post).

I put the source file (an Excel 2007 file) for the chart data online and have made it publically accessible. If there is a rating you think I should include let me know.


National Journal Conservative Ratings for Senator Hatch

Here are links to the sources I used for the data:

A final note, it might be good to pick a couple of recognized conservative Senators to show how they faired in the same ratings. If I find the time I’ll try to do that. Any suggestions on who to use? Right now I’m thinking perhaps Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn.

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