Thursday, November 1, 2012

“Blue Law” Gold by Mark Beesley

highland-utahMark Beesley submitted the a letter to the SL Tribune and then recorded a message regarding proposition 6. Mark is one of many non-LDS members of our community who share the view that we should maintain our current Sunday closing policy. He said in an email that “changing the policy is simply bad economics for the vast majority of residents. If Highland homogenizes itself into another Lehi, American Fork or Orem our community will be less attractive and property values will decrease. The introduction of more tired national chains that can only survive on a 7-day model will eliminate the diversity, charm and value of locally-owned businesses that truly cater to local tastes. I believe it makes sense to reject Proposition 6.”

Here is his recording and a copy of the letter he submitted to the Tribune:

Dear Editor,

Religion may be one reason some Highland residents want to keep the city’s “blue law” requiring Sunday closing (Trib Oct 27), but in Highland’s case Sunday closing makes economic sense.

Highland enjoys high property values partly because of its parks, trails and rural feel. Some want to line both sides of the new Timpanogos Highway that divides Highland with national superstores and big boxes to create the look and congested feel of State Street à la Murray or Orem, all with the hope of raising a few extra tax dollars. Duplicating the urban blight of other Utah thoroughfares is short-sighted, however, and will make Highland a less attractive place to live, will reduce Highland residential property values by tens of thousands of dollars, and will reduce the city’s tax base. Chasing business tax dollars at significant cost to the entire community is a bad idea.

Better to keep Sunday closing in Highland and seek development of smaller, locally owned businesses that can prosper open six days each week. Attracting such businesses will help build the community and increase Highland’s charm, and it makes economic sense.

—Mark Beesley

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  1. Thank you Mark. I appreciated the views other than relating to religious ties because I am not sure many realize the impacts this will have on our community in changing the feel and commercial basis.


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