Thursday, August 28, 2014

City Council 19-Aug-2014: Jeremy Barlow-Proclamation of Appreciation, Park Use, Enterprise Fund Analysis …

I arrived at the meeting about 30 minutes late. So I missed the public comments and the award presentation to Jeremy Barlow . Please refer to the formal agenda on the city website and the meeting presentation for more complete background info all issues. All decisions made were unanimous.


  1. Public Comment: There were about 25 people in attendance when I arrived. I expect there were 10 or 20 more there for the award presentation.

Presentations Discussions

  1. Proclamation of Appreciation – Jeremy Barlow.


WHEREAS, Highland City recognizes the importance of the Highland City Parks Department; and

WHEREAS, Highland City appreciates Jeremy and the time he works utilizing his qualifications, institutional knowledge and expertise for the betterment of Highland City; and

WHEREAS, Highland Glenn Park is within the boundaries of Highland City and is frequented by residence of Highland as well as visitors from surrounding cities for swimming and other recreating activities; and

WHEREAS, On August 5th 2014 Jeremy Barlow noticed a panicked father pulling his 3 year old daughter from the water in Highland Glenn Park and as while being brought to shore immediately noticed the seriousness of the situation; and

WHEREAS, Jeremy rushed to the aid of the Father and child and again immediately recognized the child not breathing initiated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. (CPR); and after 40-50 compression revived the child.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark S. Thompson, Mayor of Highland City do hereby proclaim appreciation to Jeremy Barlow, a Highland City Seasonal Park Employee, for his attentiveness, unselfish dedication, and expertise in life saving measures on August 5th 2014.


  1. MOTION: Ratifying the Mayors Appointment to the Highland City Beautification Committee – Denise Stratton—Approved.

  2. MOTION: Ratifying the Mayors Appointment to the Highland City Social Media Committee – Brent Beckley, Brian Parrish and Linda Walton—Approved .


  1. ORDINANCE: Adopting and Amending Municipal Code Chapter 13.12 – Sanitary Sewer Management Plan.— Approved. The plan was revised as discussed in the previous council meeting to clarify by example the restrictions on what can be put through the sewer system and what is meant by “right of entry” (see detailed agenda for specific language).

  2. ORDINANCE: Approval of Reimbursement Agreement with Legacy Fields – Upsizing of Detention Basin and Sanitary Sewer Line—Approved.


  1. Country Club Drive - Mayor Thompson: Continued the discussion on Country Club drive road speed reduction options. The mayor will initiate discussions with the Alpine Country Club to involve them in creating the solutions. Will also include residents from both the East and West sides of the country club. Brian Parrish and Devirl Barfuss volunteered to help contact residents.

  2. Park Usage - Mayor Thompson: Continued the discussion on options to mitigate the issue of neighbor parks being using sun-up to sun-down for organized sports. Most of the remaining audience were there to participate in this discussion and their input was solicited. Signs will be posted on Windsor Park ASAP that state “No Organized Sports.” The police can be used to encourage visitors to adhere to this. Staff will put together a recommendation for an ordinance that can be applied to park usage in Highland. Staff will also update the table they created listing all parks, their size, what can be reserved, number of bathrooms, and parking stalls. This information will be used to help formulate the policy.

  3. Enterprise Funds – Gary LeCheminant (finance director): Gary presented a report covering each enterprise fund (Culinary Water, Pressurized Irrigation, Sewer, and  Storm Sewer) showing their projected revenue and expenses and the basis for those projections. The goal of the report was to start a discussion on whether or not the fees associated with each of these funds (the ones on your monthly city bill) needed to be adjusted. The council asked for additional information on pressurized irrigation fund expenses and documentation on the reserves associated with each of the funds. You can view a copy of the report by clicking here. Below are charts which give a quick picture of the projections for each funds.

    The goods news is that the only fund which is running negative (~$435,000/yr. or –25.3%) is the pressurized irrigation fund which includes roughly $430,000 in bond expenses each year through 2022. The remaining funds are running positive each year (Culinary Water ~$70,000/yr. or 8.3%, Sewer ~$164,000/yr. or 9.6%, Storm Sewer ~$10,000/yr. or 2.3%). Combined the funds will run an average deficit of $215,000/yr. or 4.5% for the next 5 years. There is a possibility that some of the expenses associated with the Pressurized Irrigation can be moved to the general fund which would help balance this out. However, this budget is already pretty tight.

    2014-08-19 Culinary Water Rev v Exp projections

    2014-08-19 PI Rev v Expenses

    2014-08-19 Sewer Rev v Expenses

    2014-08-19 Storm Sewer Rev v. Expenses

    2014-08-19 Combined Revenues v Expenses


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