Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Council 16-Sep-2014: Roads & Park Usage Policy

Eighteen people attended the council meeting. Most (14) were from Windsor and were there to add their voice to the discussion on park usage policy. One resident stayed through to the end. A fair amount of emails had been sent to council members prior to the meeting regarding the development of a park usage policy. Specifically, these message voice their opposition to using Windsor Meadows Park for any organized sport activities. I had expected this to be a contentious meeting but it was not. Although people had divergent views everyone was respectful. I would count this as one of the better council meetings. Thanks to all who attended.

2014-09-16 Windsor Meadows Park
Windsor Meadows Park, 4.2 acres, pavilion, basketball court, playground 


  1. Public Comment:
    A participants discussed why the Windsor park should remain free of organized sports. At least 8 residents participated in the public comment portion of the meeting. Below is a list of their primary arguments

    • Safety (kids darting out between cars, cars parked on both sides of the road, field is uneven and could cause injuries to kids)
    • Insufficient parking
    • Public urination (due to no restrooms in the park)
    • Need for family park
    • It was used by for-profit clinics
    • Noise (air horns, whistles …)
    • Absence of meeting participants from those who support use of park by organized sports
    • Garbage
    • Their park was not designed to be used by organized sports but rather to be a neighborhood park.


    1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for City Council Regular Session – August 19, 2014—Approved.

    2. MOTION: Ratify the Mayors Appointment to the Tree Commission – Roger Mickelsen.—Approved


    1. ORDINANCE: Amendments to the Highland Municipal Code Section 6.12.010 – Licensing and Regulating Service Dogs. Discussion deferred to future meeting in order to get feedback from animal control.

    2. MOTION: Award Road Maintenance Project Bids – Holbrook Asphalt for $112,859.89 and Geneva Rock for $65,100.84, spring of 2015. After a discussion which included feedback on the type of treatments planned for the roads HA5 (Holbrook Asphalt $0.16/sq. ft.) for the low traffic roads and Microsurfacing (Geneva Rock $0.28/sq. ft.) the plans were approved. The city is taking a best roads first approach to road maintenance, which according most experts is the most cost effective approach. Below is an overview map and details for each area with road work being performed

      Overview of 2014-2015 road maintenance projects

      2014-2015 Pennbrook Subdivision Road Work
      HA5: 36,885 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $6,012

      2014-2015 Spruces Subdivision Roadwork
      HA5: 60,784 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $9,908

      HA5: 30,964 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $5,047

      2014-2015 Town Center Area Road Work
      HA5: 181,694 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $29,616 + Microsurfacing (orange/brown area).

      2014-2015 Highland Hollow Subdivision Road WorkHA5: 124,578 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $20,306

      2014-2015 Timp Ranchetts Subdivision Road Work
      HA5: 80,180 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $13,069

      Microsurfacing: combined with Town Center & Mountain Ridge

      HA5: 85,774 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $13,981

      2014-2015 Mountain Ridge Subdivison Roadwork
      HA5: 118,036 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $19,240 + Microsurfacing (orange) inclusive of Town Center, and Knight Ave 232,503 Sq. Ft. $0.28/Sq. Ft., $65,101

      2014-2015 Pebble Lane Subdivison Roadwork
      HA5: 22,094 Sq. Ft., $0.163/Sq. Ft., $3,601
    3. MOTION: Contract Approval for Road Maintenance Project Management – King Engineering—Approved

    4. MOTION: Approve a Solution for Neighborhood Option Trail – Dry Creek/Bull River Trail. The Dry Creek/Bull River Neighborhood trail encroaches on private property in a couple of places creating a liability for the property owner. The options available to resolve the issues are 1) remove the trail, 2) relocate the trail, or 3) purchase an easement from the owner.  This has been an ongoing issue for several years. At the mayor’s suggestion the council voted to close the trail by putting trail closed signs, at the two spots indicated in red, until staff can attach a cost to the 3 options.

      2014-09-16 Dry Creek Trail - marked

    5. MOTION: Approval of City Park Use – Organized Sports Leagues—There was actually no motion to approve. This should have been labeled a discussion item. We did talk about potential park use policies (limits on the number of teams that could practice, the hours that they could use a field, how the might be scheduled …). The mayor accepted additional comments from the Windsor residents present which I felt was great.

      The council seems pretty unified around the concept that all parks managed by the city whether they are in Open Space areas or not are city/public parks that parks of sufficient size should be made available for organized sports practice. Parks that have dedicated parking and restroom facilities are appropriate for games. Limits on use, scheduling policies, and potential costs have not been established. I would like to see staff come up with a policy that we can use as a basis for discussion prior to the next time we discuss this issue.

      Note, until a formal use policy is formulated and approved Windsor park will remain closed to organized sports.


    1. Website Improvement Update – Rod Mann, City Council. The first formal meeting of the committee will be Wed Sep 24, 2014 at 7PM at the city building. We have set up new city twitter account and received admin rights to the city LinkedIn page. We still need to set up a new city Facebook Page if we can’t get admin rights to the current one.

    2. Country Club Road Issue Update – Aaron Palmer, City Administrator.Meeting with resident and Country Owners scheduled for 7PM Wed Oct 1,2014 at the City Building. These living between N. County Blvd and the Country Club and Alpine Hwy and the Country Club are especially invited to attend this discussion on how to mitigate traffic issues (especially speeding) on Country Club Drive.



  1. Wild Rose residents wonder when the solid wall between Wild Rose and Ashford will be built.

  2. Bob, at this point this is an enforcement issue for the mayor and staff.


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