Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet the Candidates Event – 22-Oct-2015: Video links and brief summary

2015-10-22 Issues and Information

We had an excellent turnout. Well over 60 people showed up to listen to the candidates talk about why they were running and respond to questions. I thought all candidates did an excellent job communicating their message and I thought the residents asked excellent questions. Examples include:

  • You say you want to encourage additional business to come to Highland. What specifically would you do?
  • Do you have a position on Sunday closing?
  • Why was nothing done to revise the town center development code after Toscana was built?
  • Why aren’t the bad roads being repaired?
  • How much debt does the city have?
  • Where do you stand on Prop 1 (county 1/4% sales tax increase for transportation)?

Scott Hart recorded this event (applause please).  Here is what I like about each of the candidates along links to their videos:

Brian Braithwaite

Brian BraithwaiteBrian is always well prepared to discuss agenda items. He looks at how the decisions we make today will impact the city 10 to 20 years from now. His 7 years on the planning commission and 8 years on city council provide an excellent base from which to take the long view. He is not afraid to address problems even when others might not agree with his solution. He initiated the recent decision to eliminate unlimited leave accrual for city staff. Brian and I don’t always agree he is always polite and willing to listen to my point of view.


Ed Dennis

Ed DennisEd has been active in the community since he moved here. He currently serves as the chair of the Open Space Committee and is a strong advocate for concerns Open Space residents. He is easy to work with and respectful even when we disagree. He has a strong financial background. One of his focus areas to increase revenue to the city by bringing in new businesses another is to sell unused city property.

Tim Heyrend

Tim is a civil engineer with a broad experience base that includes roads and strong expertise in city infrastructure (sewer, water …). He is not afraid to speak out on issues but is willing to become more informed. He has very specific ideas reducing the cost of road work. He also provided a list of key issues and identified where he stood on each during his presentation. This includes avoiding additional debt, and tax increases, maintaining, opposition to Prop 1 … . He has served on the planning commission and is currently serving as a precinct chair. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation he used during the discussion.

Tim Irwin

Tim IrwinTim is active in the community and quietly does a lot for the Highland on his own initiative. He is retired from full-time employment but not from service. One of his key concerns is to ensure that government does not over-step it bounds. He spends time educating others on the principles he bases his decisions on but is willing to listen to other perspectives. He has a soft touch when dealing with difficult issues and but is persistent in the face of opposition. Like Brian, when Tim and I disagree on an issue it never becomes personal and we walk away good friends.


  1. Thank you for creating/sharing! I appreciated seeing the videos and shared them with others!

    1. Thanks Mrs Smith. Glad you found them useful.

    2. Thanks Mrs Smith. Glad you found them useful.

    3. Thank you so much for posting this! I didn't get a chance to go to meet the candidates and I feel passionately about Highland maintaining low density and NOT bringing in big box businesses and NOT allowing for smaller lots, more condos and duplexes. No Orem State Street in Highland! That is why we moved here from Orem. Brian Braithwaite, Tim Irwin, and Tim Heyrend clarified they want ma and pa type businesses and to maintain low density. I love how Tim Heyrend detailed how passionately he feels about having a master plan that developers will have to stick to with spacious sidewalks, etc. They get mine and my husband's vote! So nice to hear it from their own mouths. Thank you for posting!

    4. You are very welcome. I also appreciated that we got to hear directly from the candidates.


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