Saturday, November 12, 2016

City Council 18-Oct-2016: N. County Aquifer Council, Open Space Maintenance Agreement Discussion

About 20 people attended the meeting. Most were there to participate in a discussion on maintenance agreements on open space land. Note, If you haven’t done so already please share your opinion as to what constitutes a “large lot” by voting in the poll below. Feel free to add comments.

In a survey conducted earlier this year the most frequently cited reason for living in Highland was large lots. The city now has three residential zones; which one meets your minimum criteria for large lots? free polls

Council Meeting AGENDA / MINUTES

Public Comment

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  1. MOTION: Approval of Meeting Minutes for the City Council Regular Session – October 4, 2016. Approved unanimously, with revisions submitted prior to the meeting. .Click here to view the minutes.


  1. RESOLUTION: Appointment of a Highland City Representative to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter Board: I volunteered and was approved unanimously. Since, we have a dog that has been in “jail” twice I thought that was appropriate Smile. Click here for details from the agenda.
  2. MOTION: Approval of an Interlocal Agreement - Creating the North Utah County Aquifer Council. We discussed a proposal to participate in the North County Aquifer Council an organization which will replace the North Utah County Aquifer Association which was recently dissolved. The objective of this group is to review projects proposed by member cities that would recharge the aquifer from which we get our drinking water. Participating cities would fund the project not the new council. The agreement is being finalized and the motion was continued to a future meeting. Click here for details from the agenda.


  • Open Space Maintenance Agreement – Erin Wells, Assistant to the City Administrator. The previous open space maintenance agreement was suspended when the council approved an ordinance allowing residents to purchase open space land bordering their property under certain conditions. The maintenance agreement is being updated and we will likely allow it to be used again in order for residents to maintain land adjacent to their property (to make it look nicer) in cases where easements prohibit a sale of open space land. Multiple residents from Chamberry. Residents expressed a willingness to have a grass only agreement although most of the council (Brian, Tim and Ed) would be OK with grass, gardens or flower beds with cement curbing but no fences. Staff directed to work on an agreement.  The specific area of interest in this agreement is shown below. In this case, an 18” water main runs through the open space land to which it is in the best interest of the city to maintain unrestricted access rights. Click here for more details from the staff presentation.
    2016-10-18 Chamberry Open Space Maintenance


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Due Date
Road Capital Improvement Plan for FY 15-16. Prioritize and Communicate to Residents
City Council
Oct 2016
Study underway
Election Policy City Council/
Jody Bates

Jan 2017

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Determine Park Use for Recreation
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Full-time Engineer Nathan Crane   In progress.
Tree removal in Canterbury North. Large dead trees pose a safety hazard Public Works Completed Completed. Some complaints that a tree was removed that could have been salvaged (it was only half dead).
Phifferhorn trail reimbursement from Alpine City Finance Completed Ed Dennis had asked if the city had been reimbursed. The answer was yes.
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