Friday, March 20, 2020

Highland City 2019 Review

2019 in review

If you haven’t filled out the 2020 city survey which is due by the end of March please take a few minutes to do so. It is  where you can help assess how the city is doing and provide input on priorities going forward. When looking ahead it is often helpful to look at what progress has been made in the past. Here is a summary of 2019 from a city perspective.

Let’s start with Highland in the news. We were covered in all major local and state news media as well as out of state and national publications. In all we appeared in print and video over 45 times during the year. Below are links to most of the coverage.

In terms of communicating with residents the city held twelve meetings to facilitate resident communications. As mayor I met with residents in the library each month and sponsored four “Issues and Information” meetings.

We’ve conducted an annual city survey since 2016. Below is a brief summary of the results of the 2019 survey as well as the number of respondents from prior years.

The city uses Facebook and Twitter to share information with residents. Scott Hart (Utah’s Highlander) recorded city council meetings, council candidate interviews, the council debate and 2nd meet the candidates event. These were posted on his YouTube channel.  Below are statistics about what was shared.

Additionally, I use my own Facebook page and blog to share information with residents.

Here is a list of significant council accomplishments in 2019 plus a couple of interesting council vote statistics.

Lastly here are a list of key city projects, events, and a summary of the road work performed during the year.

Additional detailed information can be found in resources listed below. Staff, residents, and council accomplished a lot in 2019. Thanks to everyone.


2019 Review Information

  • 2019 Review Presentation for City Council, 10-Mar-2020 with some updates
  • 2019 Road Projects Review. Blog post covering road work performed in 2019.
  • 2019 Road Projects map. Google map showing roads that were worked on and the type of work performed along with which project were delayed.
  • 2019 Highland Living Magazine Mayor’s Messages
  • 2019 Highland City Newsletter Mayor’s Messages
  • 2019 Resident Survey Results
  • 2019 Review Details: Below are descriptions of each sheet in this Google spreadsheet that contains the information used to put this post together.
    • City Activity: Highlights of city projects, council actions, city events, and awards received.
    • City FB: List of each city Facebook post and associated stats along with links to posts.
    • Communications Summary: A summary of communication activities of the city and mayor. This includes Facebook posts, meetings, survey, blog, and YouTube data.
    • Council Summary: Summary of key council actions during the year with links to the associated council brief.
    • Mayor Blog: List of each Highland City related blog post and associated stats from along with links to posts.
    • Mayor FB: List of each Facebook post on the Rod Mann:Highland City Mayor page and associated stats along with links to posts.
    • News Details: List  of media coverage of Highland with links to coverage.
    • Road Details: Details for each section of road worked on.
    • Road Summary: Summary of 2019 road projects.
    • Utah’s Highlander: List of Highland City videos in this YouTube channel along with associated stats and links.
    • Vote Charts: Charts of vote summary data.
    • Vote Details: Action items for each council meeting and how each member of council voted with links to each agenda, minutes, audio recording, and videos recording (if available).
    • Vote Summary: Vote split and pass, fail, continue breakdown and percentages.

Highland City Sites

Elected Officials Sites

Community Social Media Sites

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