Thursday, July 11, 2019

2019 Highland City Survey

2019 Survey Staff

First of all I want to thank those who took the time to complete the 2019 survey, especially those that took the time to add comments. We had 1,106 respondents, 22 more than last year. 700 respondents provided a total of 1,370 comments on. I enjoyed reading them and replied to over 1,000. I literally laughed out loud for several minutes after reading one.  I will buy a Roxberry Smoothie for the first person who identifies it – city staff and elected officials are ineligible (

The top four issues in terms of comments were:

  • Roads & Traffic (167): Some people expressed a concern that the city had not started to work on the roads although the fee enacted 18 months previously. Others were grateful that we are making progress. Many were concerned about the overall increase in traffic in Highland. For information about our 7 year road plan and the current status please click here.
  • Pickleball (162): Some were supportive of the 25+ court pickleball facility that was proposed to be put in Mountain Ridge Park. Most were not. Most however were supportive of including some pickleball courts.
  • Limit Density (150): A number of residents asked the we not allow any more apartments, condos, or townhomes in Highland. In actuality we don’t have any apartment buildings or condos.
  • Parks & Trails (134):
    It is clear from the comments that parks and trails are valued in Highland and that residents want us to take better care of them, especially the trails.

The number in parenthesis represents the number of residents who commented on this issue.

Below are charts and graphs that summarize the survey responses. They may take a while to load.

Charts & Graphs

Click here to view the summary data upon which these charts were base.

Comments and Replies

Please note, my replies to comments were written between March & May of 2019. They represented my thoughts at the time. As I learn more about an issue my opinions are subject to change. Some of my replies were written way past bedtime -- grammar and spelling were a causality. I did try to be accurate in my responses but I may not have had all the facts or circumstances may have changed since I replied. Comments ratings (positive, neutral, or negative) were subjective. I based the rating on the tone of the comment as opposed to the subject of the comment. For example, most suggestions for improvement were deemed neutral or in some cases positive. If the comment included a personal attack, or included adjectives like horrible, awful ... I tended to rate it negative. I am sure there is some inconsistency in ratings. But it was nonetheless something I found interesting to record.

Comment summary information

Comments organized by survey question

Comments organized by topic

Links to current and prior survey data:

List of links that were included in replies to comments:

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