Friday, June 19, 2020

Why I Support Spencer Cox for Governor

2020-06-19 Abby and Spencer bw

First let me say that I believe that we would be well served by any of the primary candidates for governor. I have listened to each in small group settings and have been impressed by them; both as individuals as well as the policies and ideas they espouse. Each candidate has supporters who I respect and whose judgement I value.

After meeting each candidate at least once, some on multiple occasions over the years, and listening to all gubernatorial debates and the lt. governor candidate debate I remain a supporter of Spencer Cox.

I’ve gotten to know the Lt. Governor since becoming a city council member in 2014. Here are two things that created an initial positive impression.

  • In the fall of 2014 he took time to meet with me when an issue came up in a local school board race that concerned and then followed up. That he would take about 45 minutes to sit down and talk with a small town council member that he didn’t know and then follow-up within days was an unexpected pleasure.
  • He came to a community meeting I scheduled in early 2016 and spend 90 minutes with Highland residents. Much of that time was spent answering tough questions. He was always thoughtful, kind, and considerate in his responses.

Since that time I have watched him closely in public and private settings. He is consistently positive, listens to everyone, is a hard worker, goes the extra mile, and responds to anger with kindness. That he has had local government experience and understands that one size solutions don’t work is important to me.

As a city council member and mayor I’ve learned that issues are often not what they seem at first blush, that good solutions often come from unexpected sources, and that it is possible for people with different points of view to work through issues and develop solutions that benefit the community. Spencer’s willingness to listen to all points of view and respond to anger with kindness tells me that he will have to access a broad range of ideas as he makes decisions. I believe this will benefit all of us.

Spencer approaches issues with conservative values such as the respect for all life, the importance of local control, and a strong work ethic. He grew up on a farm and lives on one today which means he understands crucial issues like water and agriculture that most of us give scant consideration to when we turn on the tap or go to the grocery store.

Will I agree with everything Governor Cox will do in office? Probably not, but I know that he will do what he believes is best for the state and will act only after having listened a variety of opinions including those with which he doesn’t agree.

Do take time to vet all candidates. This is a difficult choice. I am confident that I am voting for someone who will help us build a better community for all Utahns.

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