Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyday Miracles

Of late my life seems full of happy coincidences (miracles as I choose to view them). For example, today at church as we began to sing one of the hymns I wished that we would sing more than the first four verses of this particular hymn (99.9% of the time we only sing those verses that are written between the lines of music – typically 4 verses – and not the additional verses written out at the end of the music).

Well guess what? The chorister had us sing one of the two extra verses. Not a big deal. Well maybe but for me it was important as the additional verse carried for me extra import and I really thought about the words we sang. Then I took the time to read and ponder the last verse which I would normally not do. This last verse stayed with me throughout the day.

How great, how glorious, how complete
Redemption’ grand design,
where justice love and mercy meet
In harmony divine!

How Great the Wisdom and the Love, Eliza R. Snow, verse 6.

You can listen to this hymn by playing the following YouTube video. Probably sounds better than we did at church :)

Happy coincidence or miracle. Here’s the definition of miracle:

  1. an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause
  2. any amazing or wonderful event
  3. a person or thing that is a marvellous example of something: the bridge was a miracle of engineering

For me #2 fits the bill. Let me list a few of the other minor miracles I’ve seen lately.

  • My wife had a great product idea this summer and has been working to turn the idea into a reality. In September she had reached the point where she needed to file a patent. At that exact point in time I had someone comment on a blog post. For some reason I chose to try and find out more about this person. His Facebook page mentioned that he was a patent attorney and that he lived in my town. After I reached out to him it turned out he lived about 200 yards from our home. Definitely an “amazing or wonderful event”. More amazing still was that he had done work recently in the specific area that my wife’s patent application would require.
  • My wife and I volunteer on Saturday mornings at a nearby temple. Not long ago I was walking down a hall and literally bumped into a friend who was on his way to the room in which he was to be married. I had been invited to the wedding but had forgotten. As it happened, I had a break between assignments (which rarely happens) and was able to attend the ceremony.
  • My mom is from Germany and she, along with my wife,  recently traveled there for 3 weeks to try and get some estate issues settled. My mom’s only sister passed away last year and among other things the house my mom was born and raised in was left to her. It was too expensive to keep and so it really needed to be sold. Well within a week a buyer was found (without a real estate agent) and two days before the flight home my mom was in a notary’s office signing the paperwork to close the deal (at the price my mother wanted). Lest you think the real-estate market in Germany is hot, it is not! Pretty much the same as here … in other words very much a buyers market.
For me life is not always the way I want it to be but I’m sure it is the way it should be. These happy coincidences let me know that there is a God and He is aware. The more minor the miracle the more I realize that He cares, even about something a trivial as singing an extra verse.

Hope you had a great Sabbath.

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