Wednesday, December 4, 2013

City Council Meeting Dec 3, 2013

At the council meeting a number of items were discussed and approved or continued:


  1. An ordinance mandating a process for planning an executing road projects. City staff must provide council with a road plan for the next fiscal year by April 1st of each year, a 5 year plan is required which is to be updated each year and posted online no later than 45 days after the beginning of each fiscal year. There are changes the will need to be made to the ordinance (as pointed out by Tom Butler and which I don't think anyone disagrees with) because it is too proscriptive. But, it is a great start. Thanks Brian for getting the ball rolling. Vote was 3 to 2.
  2. A new 6 year contract with the Transfer Station (trash). Although it appears to be in our best interest but I'm surprised it was approved (3 to 2) without legal review or the clause "approved subject to legal review". I would have voted to continue the item to next council to provide adequate time for council to review the contract and for legal review. Note, the council received a copy of the contract the day previous. Vote was 3 to 2
  3. It was agreed that the city would participate in the Cedar Hills recreational program. Cedar Hills does not charge non-residents extra fees to participate in their programs but would like utilize Highland fields to allow the program to expand and support Highland and Alpine residents. Cedar Hills will manage the programs and Highland will get funding to help mitigate the increased wear and tear on fields. The proposed payment will be $2.00 for every Highland resident who participates in any program where Highland fields are used. This may be revised by city managers. Highland staff will also need to develop a field use policy. Currently no policy exists – it is simply first come first serve. Vote was 5 to 0.

Continued Items:

  1. The contract to sell city owned land west of Wendy's for $300,000 was continued in order to get a stamp of approval from the Water Safety Board and so that we can understand what the plan is to replace the storage facility currently on the project. I'm supportive of the idea of selling the land (it will be used for commercial purposes) but I would like to understand what our going forward costs are and thus am glad this was continued. Note, it was mentioned that finding a location and creating a building would not be a problem and that the contract allowed for us to keep the storage building for a year after the contract was signed. However, if it was that simple and easy why (over a year after that land was surplussed by the council) is there not a plan? The need to do something was discussed by the council when the decision was made to surplus the property.
  2. A plan by a resident to allow parking on 6800 adjacent to Freedom Elementary in order to provide easier to the school for her handicap child was continued to the next council meeting. I am favorably disposed to resolving the issue in favor of the resident.

Notes to Self:

  1. Whenever a council decision is made that requires downstream action by city staff ensure that a formal request is made for follow-up within an identified timeframe.
  2. Do not vote yes on any item where legal review is required until it has either been completed or the approval is conditional upon a favorable review. Legal review by an attorney other than the city attorney may be required in cases where specialized skills are needed.

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