Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Highland 2014 Fireworks and Open Fire Restrictions

fireworks 1

The council received the following note from the Mayor’s office on Monday June 30th.

“Fire Chief Brad Freeman has discussed his concern regarding fire hazards due to upcoming holiday fireworks with Mayor Thompson and upon his recommendations Mayor Thompson has issued an Executive Order Restricting Firework and Open Burning for parts of Highland City. 

This order will stay in effect until the Chief and the Mayor feels the circumstances improve.  This order may also be increased or decreased the areas restricted during this time.   For your information I have attached the order and the map showing the restricted areas.  This has also been placed on the doors and front counter at city hall, on our website, distributed to the police department and Chief Freeman has provided a map to all firework stands in Highland for display. “

Below is a copy of the Executive Order:

Highland EO-2014-02 pg 1

Highland EO-2014-02 pg 2

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